Wednesday, January 11, 2012

When Time Stands Still

When Time Stands Still

Hello everyone, it's been quite the while~

When Time Stands Still 

If the water froze over, the life of fish would freeze with it;
fish are frozen mid-swim, and time would stand still for them.

If the skies froze over, the life of  birds would freeze with it;
birds are frozen mid-flap, and time would stand still for them.

If electronic devices froze over, the life of humans would freeze with it;
humans are frozen mid-everything, and time would stand still for them.

Why is it that something as simple as a widespread electronic failure
enough to bring down "God's most advanced creatures"? 

What if time did stand still? What would you want to be doing? With someone, or alone? No, this isn't meant to be a 2012  Apocalypse  scare, but if you believe that some widespread event caused the dinosaurs to become extinct, then whats stopping history from repeating itself, or a new disaster. Even if you believe that the dinosaurs died because of a change in oxygen levels...what if oxygen levels dropped further? With less oxygen and all of the  pollution  we have created, a significant drop in oxygen levels would quickly cause us to perish. And frankly? I wouldn't panic too much; we've had enough Apocalypse scares and personal near-death experiences where I would be quite comfortable snuggling up to Kyle as the world ends. That's the way to go for me. I'm sure he would hug me tight, kissing all over my head and face while telling me how much he loves me and to make sure my soul doesn't get lost from his as we cross over into the next life to make sure we spend eternity together.

When Time Stands Still
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*Noms a Scooby Snack graham cracker* <3

Tra la la lala!

Lol, lets add a video of two siblings using their mouths:

There we go! I soooo love Aaron (the guy in the vid) \o/. Dubstep with your mouth = epic. Check out some of his vids. :)

When Time Stands Still

Lastly, I wanted to talk a little about the Sim Inuoko and Kyle visited..isn't it simply lovely? \o/
I coulddddd give you a direct SLURL, buttttt...I wont. :) I'm going to give you a link to the Flickr page in which I found it instead, to give the person whom I discovered it from a bit of credit too. I don't like being a credit hog, so just check out this Flickr page and you'll see an SLURL to the place in the description section: [Click Me \o/].

When Time Stands Still

 Well, I think it's time to close thing lengthy entry... :) See you next time!

Bye everyone!
- Inuoko Shikami \o/

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