Review Policy

 I am no longer an official blogger! This means that, while I do still blog, I do not blog as often as I used to (being 4-5 times a week). I've cut it back to around 1-3 posts a week. Please consider this before you ask to me blog something for you; I cannot blog all releases.

Hello Second Life content creator! If you are reading this page, I am assuming that you hold interest in allowing me to showcase your content on my blog, and I thank you in advance.

Before I begin, I wish to point out that I do very little to no post-processing (outside of adding borders/cropping etc), unless I state otherwise/it is painfully obvious that I did.

Below is a little information:

+ All review copies should be sent to: Inuoko Shikami [X]
Please make sure to check that the username is the one above, and not the display name only. Beware of scammers! 

+ I accept Second Life fashions/skins/makeup/hair etc, furry avis, anime avis, poses, furniture, and locations (Sims etc). Basically, anything that could help with a look. I do NOT accept shapes. 

+ I reserve the right to blog items or not. I am extremely versatile, from fangs to furries, but at the end of the day it is up to me to decide if I wish to blog it. 

+ The easiest way to submit your content to me would be  to make a folder or box with your avatar name and/or store name. In the folder you can put in all of your items you wish to send. The more information I have, the more informative I can be about your product.

 + Once your folder/box is complete, please send it to me. If I blog your item (may take up to a week), I will send you a notecard with a link, OR leave you a private Flickr message. If I choose not to blog your item, please don't take it personally, but it probably didn't suit my style. 
Official Blogger: 

+ If you have a bloggers group/send items to specific bloggers, and would like me to blog for you, feel free to send me a notecard invitation in-world [X] or on Flickr [X] to join your blogger team. I'll send you a response if I would like to join. :)

+ If I become an official blogger for your store, your store's SLURL will also be placed on the side-bar on this blog, under "Thanks Designers!".
- Inuoko Shikami \o/