{Amai} - Store.

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{Amai} is my new store!

Definition of "Amai" (Japanese) - Sweet. Too Sweet.

{Amai} was founded in 2013 by a girl who loves sweets but did not know how to build mesh, and a man who could build mesh but lacked ideas on what to make. These two combined forces, and {Amai} was born.

{Amai} is a store that sells (mainly) sweets. {Amai} offers hand drawn, original mesh delectables, some of which include original animations and scripts.

{Amai} products are currently available in-world and on the marketplace here:
{Amai} @ c( Two Cats ) Sim [Shop B on the map]


{Amai} has a free update group, if you would like to keep up with our store releases, and receive gifts. Please copy/paste the link below into local chat in-world, and join our free update group:

{Amai} also has a subscriber in our store for updates.

{Amai} has a store update blog, feel free to add it to your feed-list:

{Amai} owners would love to see you using our products. Feel free to post them in our Flickr group:

{Amai} is owned by:
Ideas, Textures, CSR: Inuoko Shikami
Builder: Rik Gervasi

Please only contact Inuoko Shikami for assistance.