Sunday, October 30, 2011



 "Life is too hard...
...But it was a bit easier...
With you...

Don't write R.I.P on my headstone...
My only peace was with you..."

Hello lovelies!

If the font in the photo looks familar, then you've probably seen the anime Death Note.. ;)

Hmm...where do we begin?

I think i'll start off about how Second Life cheated me tonight. I was tryingggg to be a good girl, and do my shopping when...BAM! Disconnected. :( *super sad face* I try to log in several times, and I fail time and time again. After a while, I finally manage to log in and when I do I am at one of the Hubs (you know when a region is down or something and you get teleported to the laggiest place ever), and I am prompted to pick my avatar gender as if I am a newbie...Yes, I died inside. I quickly logged back out, hoping for no permanent damage was done to my inventory. Out of being scared to death, I wait a little while before checking the Grid Status Report:

[POSTED 9:37 PM PDT, 30 October 2011] We are currently undergoing unscheduled maintenance that will result in some Residents not being able to login and some Residents already inworld may be logged out. It will also prevent inventory from loading. Please keep an eye on this blog post for updates.

\o/ So I find out it's not just me, and I feel happy. So I wait patiently with some dubstep playing (\o/ dubstep), started working on the photos for this entry (took them before the disconnection), and shortly I was able to log in again to finish shopping! \o/

How was I cheated? Second Life cheated me out of shopping time! Ugh, it's so late now!!!!

Now....Really about cheating...

Yes, i'm referring to cheating within relationships.  

 Life is too hard...
...But it was a bit easier...
With you...

Don't write R.I.P on my headstone...
My only peace was with you...

Have you ever been cheated on? I have, several times.
If it is a person you truly love who cheats on you,
then it is not something one can just shrug off as nothing. 

My  body grows cold,
from inside to out, 

from my heart to my skin,
frozen like ice.  

For a moment I cannot
breathe or think;
my body unsure how to react
though it has been through this before.

My body reminds me to breathe,
and I have a panic attack;
only making trying to breathe worse.

Tears run down my cheeks
as I wrap my arms around my torso
just for sanity,
just so that, at that moment, I don't feel so alone.

When I manage to calm myself a bit,
I curl up in bed with my favorite blanket,
just me and her royal softness, fragrance.

She calms me down a bit,
yet the tears still flow,
 and I think about him.

I ask myself what I did to deserve
 such hurt, such mistrust?

My heart races so fast,
I can literally hear it pumping at an unnatural speed.
Each thump hurts;
taking the  pain from being betrayed and turning it
into a reminder that it happened while I try to sleep,
try to forget.

What did I do?
Am I not good enough?
Am I a bad person?
Am I ugly?
Am I not loveable?

Every possible reason runs through my head,
the thumping of my heart isn't loud enough to drown out my thoughts.

The next day I miss him, so badly.
I want him back.
I want everything to go back to the way things were before I found out.
I don't care if he still cheats, I just don't want to know.

I feel bad because I love him to such an extent that
I am willing to live a lie, a fantasy, just to stay in his arms.

Yet, I know that that is not the type of person I am.
Like I could trust him again?

I have to fight my fears of loneliness and let go, move on.

And the sad part is?
 Even after I move on, he doesn't want to let go.


Well I am guessing that poem needs some touching up but well..It's late, so it may have to stay that way until after some shut-eye...meaning you probably wont see the finished product..sorry..Hey, it wasn't supposed to be a poem anyway haha. *yawns and hugs*


I know it's a bit early in the game to go buying outfits, making it even harder to be original, but when I  saw this outfit by "Epic" at last Grenade Wednesday sale, I had to buy it. And come on; no way I could break up such an awesome outfit. ;)


I have a hotel in Second Life by the way...Joint ownership. It's called "Inuoko Sunset Hotel". I'm more of a manager than anything...Anyway, I was pressed for time for the photos for this entry, plus I plan to take the Halloween decorations down Tuesday sharp (the day after Halloween), soooo I figured I would make use of something. If you look in the background, you'll see Kyle ;) He was messing around with another item, and got caught in the shot lol.

On a quick note: I made Inuoko's breasts smaller..haha. Always making little shape edits these days...

It's sooo late! Night peeps~

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

Skin: Laq - Imani2 - 04 [Cocoa] Glow Skin (hairbase)
Shape: Own Custom Shape (Tall Version)
Headband: *BOOM* Halloween Headbands
Hair: Exile Iona for the Dressing Room Blue *New, TDR*
Earrings: [ glow ] studio Amore Earrings *New, TDR*
Necklace: [glow] Studio Necklace - Taurus TDR *New, TDR*
Shirt: *Epic* {GFW} Basic Open Striped Henleys {Autumn Pack} *New, Grenade Wednesday*
Belt: *COCO* Wide Waist Belt Black
Pants: *Epic* {GFW} Story High-Waisted Jeans {Chocolate} *New, Grenade Wednesday*
Nails: [EY:NO] Halloween Nails *Gift*
Heels: Mstyle RIVEA Pumps - Halloween Queen *ONLY 1L! Hurry!*

Friday, October 28, 2011

Bullies Ruin Lives

Bullies Ruin Lives
[Windlight, Paintshopped]

As much as I enjoyed working on the poem "My Surrender" in the last blog post, I was really looking forward to this post.

Recently I was talking to Kyle about our pasts. The conversation ended up at school bullying. Because we were more "advanced" in our learning ability, and had some physical differences, we were singled out by some of our peers. For myself, it was daily teasing. I could be doing something as simple as reading a textbook quietly minding my own business when I would hear someone talking to someone else about me. In high school people seemed to think I was a know-it-all, when in reality, I studied hard and I knew what I was talking about. But by Junior year, this did not bother me; people had a lot of respect for me for being smart. There were still a few of the ignoramuses that were jealous because of my good grades, but it wasn't so bad.

Yet, ever since middle school I am ridiculed about my height. I am quite short; about the height of a person with dwarfism (yet I do not have dwarfism nor am I a Little Person). Even worse is the fact that most people who commit this crime upon me do not realize what they're doing. I am asked by strangers exactly how tall I am, or I am told "You're so short!". Seeing as we are pointing out physical differences, would it be okay if I point out ugliness? Or maybe I should ask which parent did they get their ugliness from. But you see, this would be considered rude when, essentially, the same act of rudeness has been committed against me. Some people are purposely rude though. I would be lying if I didn't hear the word "midget" whispered from time to time.

 I've had many years to know that I am shorter than most adults, so trust me when I say that I do not need others to inform me that I am. I actually love my height. There are just so many perks! Do you have that problem of stores running out of something in your size? That problem not only arises lest frequently for me, but also a lot of things in my size is on clearance...Winning! \o/ Also, I can be down right adorable with my short stature, long lashes and shinny dark brown eyes. Cutely peering over my glasses while batting my lashes can steal a guys heart <3

 Growing up I was told to love myself, and at first I did. But because of bullying, I had lost almost all of my confidence for myself. I hated myself, and I wondered "why me". Daily I evaluated my day, analyzing what I did, and from my point of view I did not deserved to be teased. I didn't bother anyone. Sure, I have ridiculed others in my head, but never out loud. I not only tried to keep these thoughts to myself, but I also scolded myself for even thinking it. No body is perfect, after all (no Kyle, I am not perfect). I spent a good three years of my life deeply hating not only myself but most of my peers. I trusted no one.

It took a nice amount of  time for me to build my confidence back up, and I admit that perhaps my confidence might be tooooo high now. But that's alright. I love myself, and I open up to some people. One day I decided to turn over a new leaf and believe in myself. I know that I am a beautiful person, and I believe that my confidence shines brightly. I'm gorgeous and I know it; like a pint-sized model. And you can ask Kyle; I have guys drooling all over me in real life and online. But the sad thing is that I had to go through such bullying in the first place. And trust me, I didn't throw in any of the harsh details.

So, If you are a teasing someone, think about what you're doing. Think before you speak. If you are being teased, I hope that one day you are able to turn over a new leaf and stand up for yourself. Look yourself in the mirror and say, "I am a good person, and that makes me beautiful." Say it and mean it, and just maybe good will come out of it.

Now that that's all said and done...I would like to quickly introduce you to one of my best Second Life friends: DJ Robb! He is suchhh a great friend! We get along so well. I don't have many close friends in Second Life but before I knew it he had become one of them. :) I am his personal hostess. :))) We make one badddd team, so if you're interested in hiring DJ Robb or us a duo please drop me a notecard in-world. ;)

Bullies Ruin Lives
[Cropped, Depth of Field]

Okay so I didn't talk about my outfit much...There was supposed to be a club grand opening today, yet the sim crashed early on during the festivities, so it was canceled. But why waste a great look? ;) By the way, if you haven't heard the news, Mstyle realized a special pair of their Rivea pumps in a Halloween texture for ONLY 1L! Yes, just one linden! Great to complete any Halloween look. Such a great buy! <3

Bullies Ruin Lives
[Cropped, Lightened]

Take care everyone, and remember to think before you speak!

- Inuoko \o/

Skin: Laq - Imani2 - 01 [Cocoa] Glow Skin (hairbase)
Shape: Own Custom Shape (Tall Version)
Hair: >TRUTH< Luana -  dark browns
Necklace: [ glow ] studio - Dove Necklaces Black (TDR 40) *Old TDR*
Dress: *ICING* Minuet - Black
Nails: [EY:NO] Halloween Nails *Gift*
Anklet: BM Fall Leaves Anklets
Heels: Mstyle RIVEA Pumps - Halloween Queen *New, ONLY 1L!*

My Surrender

My Surrender

Hello readers :) I hope you all are well. I wasn't feeling the best the last couple of days, so I didn't post any entries...But i'm feeling pretty good now, so I am posting this entry. :)

My Surrender
[Depth of Field, Cropped]

I would like to finally introduce you all to Kyle. :) He is my real life boyfriend whom I have managed to drag into my Second Life as well. He's fairly new to Second Life, but well...He has a fashionista girlfriend to help him shop ;). I think he enjoys Second Life. He gets to spend time with me when we can't physically be together. Second Life provides a great connection for people. If I can't be snuggled up with Kyle in real life, Second Life does a decent job in feeling the void. Even if we are together in real life, it is fun to go to clubs or hang out with friends in Second Life. Kyle even goes shopping with me sometimes, isn't he sweet? ;) On those days when he leaves my house for his, and I am not ready to say goodbye, at least I can remind myself about all of the possibilities for the night in the virtual world we share.

And now for a poem~

My Surrender

In the middle of the ocean,
the blue world stretches endlessly.

Water is a very versatile substance;
it isn't solid like a mirror, yet it creates reflections,
it contains air, yet it does not breathe,
it supports life, yet it can take it away.
The water is as dark as the sky,
as dark as death,
with only the refection of the yellow moon to give me hope.

I toss my arm high above my head once more,
my five digits spread to the point of pain.

Slowly, as if time is toying with me,
my arm sinks down into the water, 
my thumb, my pinkie, my index, my ring, my middle... 
and all hope is lost.

I kick and thrash in the icy waters of the night, 
my movements slowed down substantially in the heavy substance, 
my body slowed down  from the pain,
like a billion tiny needles pricking my skin over and over again.

My mind has given up on the moon;
the last bit of light on my darkest day, on hope, 
yet my body fights to stay alive
while I continue to sink deeper towards my watery grave. 

I am surrounded by blue;
a pretty blue. It sparkles like a fine dress in the moonlight. 
I have to remind myself that this beautiful substance has it's gorgeous grasp around my throat. 

Holding my breath has become futile, 
every gasp of air to live brings me closer to death.

I can only hear the sound of water in my ears;
much like when I used to dunk my head into the bath tub as a child,
or when dear mother washed my hair and always managed to spray my ears with the little bathroom hose.

Oh yes,
I remember when the man I love took me to the park that summer to go swimming.
I was very cautious that day;
I made sure not to drown, to not get hurt, to stay alive for him. I wanted to stay close to him.

My vision becomes hazy
I cannot move, breathe, think. 

I see in my blurry vision the moon from under the water; 
a bright white light that is almost blinding from all of the darkness. 

I close my eyes and surrender.  

My Surrender
[Depth of Field, Cropped]

Did I mention the great Tai Chi place Kyle and I found? Invite a group of your friends and to Tai Chi in sync here!

Well, I hope you enjoyed yourself on my blog today. :) Take care!

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

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Hair: ::Exile:: Buffy:Roots-Raven *Hunt*
Torso Tattoo: Blah. (Haiku Sakura Tattoo)
Shirt: LOULOU&CO - Top :: TIGERS :: Pink/Blue
Belly Tattoo: [trs] Belly Quote #12 Tattoo *Old Grenade Wednesday*
Pants: Fame.less Low jeans rose
Nails: [EY:NO] Halloween Nails *Gift*
Shoes: HOC - Sneaker Wedges - Solid Color Pack

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

Hello everyone~ *waves* How are you? Good I hope! I know the photo above is maybe a bit "odd", but the white three I found was breathtaking; I knew it would be perfect for a black and white photo. Anyway, let's get down to business.

Trick or Treat

Here we are! Where is Inuoko's costume? I haven't bought it yet, eeek! I do have it picked out though.Well, not to worry..i'm sure plenty of them will still be in stock ;). As you can see, I finalllyyyy bought Pepper's belt \o/. While I was at her mainstore, I happened to find a couple of people crowding something. It turned out to be the jeans above, boxed. It was Pepper's "Zombie Popcorn Hunt", item. I don't normally do hunts unless they're very small parcel-wide hunts, or something simple like Jersey Shore's Halloween hunt, but hey; while the item was in sight.. ;)

 I just lovveeee gatchas, don't you? When they first started to pop up heavily, I avoided them out of fear of getting something I didn't want. I was just being a penny-saver and a cautious shopper. But these days, I find a gatcha machine and I have to give it a click or two. If I don't want it, I just transfer it over to my boyfriend Kyle, oooor I pass it off to a friend or newbie stranger. Yes, I give things to newbies. I like to be helpful. I just don't give money so don't ask, haha. If you need to find some places to shop, then i'm your girl. ;) In the above picture, I have a headband and hoodie by *BOOM* for the "Bake Sale"; a discount circle of different stores.

Now that we're done with fashion...I was talking with Kyle earlier, on Windows Live Messenger.  He normally spends a good few hours with me a day, but today he couldn't. He mentioned how the saying, "Being apart makes the heart grows fonder." Well, from experience, I find this to be true. Having to miss your partner for a while does create very intense moments of love when reunited. Tomorrow i'll probably tackle him and hug him to death! <3 Yet still, we both agreed that we'd rather have our normal, loving times together than be apart for one intense moment, because to create that intense moment, there is a nice amount of loneliness. Kyle, I want you to know that I miss you, and I hope tomorrow you will be able to spend time with me <3

Till next time,

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

Skin: Laq - Imani2 - 05 [Cocoa] Glow Skin (hairbase)
Shape: Own Custom Shape (Tall Version)
Headband: *BOOM* Ribbon Headband- Halloween Theme 1 *Gatcha, Bake Sale, New*
Hair: >TRUTH< Lilia - java
Nom Nom: ~Pepper~ Halloween Knife
Face Piercing: :Hebenon Vial: The Minimalist
Hoodie: *BOOM* Park Life Hoodie -Orange Skull- 3 *Gatcha, Uncommon, Bake Sale, New*
Belt: ~Pepper~ Halloween Belt
Pants: ~Pepper~ Jeans Baggy "Day" *Zombie Popcorn Hunt*
Pail: ANA_Trick Or Treat Pail - Pumpkin *Super Bargain Saturday*
Nails: [EY:NO] Halloween Nails *Gift*
Shoes: J's Platform Pumps

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ecchi Maid

Ecchi Maid
[Windlight, Paintshopped]

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog! :) I have a lot to talk about..may even have to wait till tomorrow's entry to finish lol..But we'll see.

Ecchi Maid

If you are not familiar with the Japanese term "Ecchi", then allow me to describe it. Ecchi refers to something that is perverse. Now, most people know that French maid uniforms thrive in the dirty minds of many men. Because of this perverseness, I found the use of the word "Ecchi" in the title of this entry to be befitting.

Ecchi Maid

Sure, I could have picked something that was actually "dustable" as to where Inuoko is holding the feather duster, butttt...I just wanted to show off a bit of the living room to my Second Life home. :) Like my table and chair set? *hugs it*

 As for the outfit itself..It was on the Lazy Sunday discount list from *ICING*. You know, I never really gave their store much of a chance, but right after I bought the maid uniform, I had to take a look around. *bashful look* I bought quite a few dresses, when I normally try and stick with discount clothing. Also, i'd like to mention that they have a few dresses that are complete freebies. It's worth checking out. 

 Let's talk more about Second Life fashion. IT TAKES UP SO MANY GROUPS!!! There's Moody Mondays, Grenade Wednesdays, Super Bargain Saturdays, and Lazy Sundays; just to name a handful. Those mixed with all of the clubs I work at (which require two groups; one for VIPS, one for Staff), is killing my group space. When we had 20-something did I survive? I'm fighting desperately for group space. Recently I removed Collarbor 88 for the simple fact that I know it's the 8th of every month and I don't need a group for that tyvm. But what about some of the groups I mentioned above? Well, do you know about Seraphim? They have a blog that covers weekday sales, weekend sales, store closings/clearance, hunts, and more ina very organized matter. Now you're wondering about landmarks and the notices for these events..Well, Seraphim has a group in-world. They collect the notecards from many different groups and send them out inside their group. Handy, right? With Seraphim around, I might consider deleting most of the fashion discount groups i'm in. Who needs double notecards? haha. I can almost taste the group space i'll save. Work or fashion, work or fashion...Hard to join a group just for fun. :(

 Briefly, I would like to point out the kind of hairstyles we've been getting lately. These bodyful hairstyles full of volume and curl! Exile, Truth, Lelutika and more..they're all doing it, and I find it so pretty. Just what one needs for fall; warm, thick hair on their head. \o/  Also, for us African American beauties, we're getting a lot of natural hair looks, and for a person with processed hair, it is fun to go natural in Second Life. :)

Moving on...I always stalk the Firestorm Viewer blog. I had even stalked the Emerald Viewer blog when it was still around before the unfortunate incident that had occurred. Though I am greatful they managed to continue the same client-fun that had made me fall in love with Emerald Viewer so many years ago. Well, I noticed on their blog today that they're pushing Firestorm towards its first official release out of beta \o/ I tried it when it first got mesh, but it ran terribly for me so I had given up on it. Hopefully it will get better.

"Right click> texture refresh for those stubborn textures that refuse to load, or avatars who remain grey or blurry! Spell check..."

Yesss! These two features are exactly what I need in Firestorm! Haha. I was surprised when I tried Firestorm and I could not spell check *sad face*. I'm also excited about texture refreshing, because sometimes pesky textures just. wont. load! Ugh! Well, good luck Firestorm. Also they mentioned Phoenix will be getting mesh soon..I hope it doesn't cause severe performance issues like Firestorm had done to me. :S

One more thing...And this is the second time it has happened...My curtain has fallen down (the screw came out) with Kyle near it...Very creepy. Well, take care!

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

 Skin: Laq - Imani2 - 05 [Cocoa] Glow Skin (hairbase)
Shape: Own Custom Shape (Tall Version)
Hair: >TRUTH< Lilia - java
Face Piercing: :Hebenon Vial: The Minimalist
Choker: LaGyo_Georgette necklace black for TDR (old)
Outfit:  *ICING* French Maid Outfit *Lazy Sunday, New*
Nails: [EY:NO] Halloween Nails (Gift)
Shoes: J's Platform Pumps

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Candy Corn Sweettooth

Candy Corn Sweettooth
[Windlight, Paintshopped]

Sure, I missed yesterday, but don't fret! I'm not gone, haha. You know how Saturdays can be..Hell, even today, Sunday (because Rebecca Black taught me that Sunday comes afterwards), I had quite the busy day and I am just now able to post finally. My boyfriend Kyle and I are having a Halloween party next weekend with some friends, sooo some shopping had to done...amongst other things. I feel as if perverts found some unnecessary dirty joke within that statement, taking it well out of context...Oh well, think whatever you like.

Candy Corn Sweettooth
[Windlight, Cropped]

Moving on...I like candy corn, soooo i'm having a candy corn day! \o/ Inuoko has a bit of a sweet-tooth, as you can probably tell. She's dressed to look a lot like candy corn. Normally you wont see Inuoko wearing orange and/or yellow, butttt...let's keep up with the Halloween Spirit, shall we? When I purchased Epic's last Grenade Wednesday event item, "Kawaii Baddie Candy Corn Backpack", I knew that I would have to blog about it.

Candy Corn Sweettooth
[Windlight, Cropped]

Isn't is just..kawaii? Hee Hee. Wonderful texturing (as expected of Epic), incredibly cute, and wings; what else does one need? More candy corn, that's what!

Candy Corn Sweettooth
[Windlight, Cropped]

Trust me; I am a girl of quality in Second Life. But for 10 little Linden, I got a cute little set of candy corn earrings and I candy corn belly button ring to go along with my candy corn theme from the marketplace. The quality isn't top notch, but it's so tiny..kind of hard to tell the difference.

Now let's talk SL blogs. Recently I was on "I <3 SL", the blog feed website, when I noticed that Gogo had posted a new entry (believe me, I didn't intend to mention Gogo on the first two of my blog entries). A man in Second Life named "London Alphaville" claims on his profile that he is a blogger on Gogo's blog, "Juicy Bomb". If you follow Gogo's blog, then you should know by now that: 1) Gogo currently does not have anyone else blogging on her blog but herself, and 2) Have you seen Gogo post male fashions like...daily? Weekly? Monthly? *looks around for this male Gogo blogger* Looks likeeeeee...yeah, I don't see one nearby. This man is a fraud, and I hope Linden Labs does something about him. Will they? Sadly, probably not...but! There is plenty of room for hope! Gogo is a very nice blogger, and doesn't deserve some guy trying to get free products and/or linden trying to take credit for her hard work. Readers, please remember that those on our happy little grid, much like real life, has their rotten, smelly eggs. Wherever you go, there's always someone bringing harm to others; rather mental or physical. Gogo, my heart goes out to you, and I wish you the best of luck as to getting rid of this London guy. Like myself, I am sure the rest of your fans are in your corner for support. *hugs*
[Read Gogo's blog post about London Alphaville here] 

As of this blog..I am slowly making updates to settings and such, while attempting to push out entries to the best of my ability...So please stay tuned.

PS: About the photos and Windlight...I don't make a habit out of using Windlight, and don't plan to in photos aimed to show off outfits and such, but currently Inuoko is a vampiress, so it can't be tooo light. ;)

-Inuoko Shikami \o/

Skin: Laq - Imani2 - 05 [Cocoa] Glow Skin (hairbase)
Shape: Own Custom Shape (Short Version)
Hair: >TRUTH< Kendall - w/Roots - java
Earrings/Belly Piercing: DBL T - Candy Corn Earrings & Belly Piercing
Tongue/Fangs: [ni.ju] Vampire Tongue/blood
Necklace: [MAGIC NOOK] Sweetheart Necklace (Silver) *tdr, new*
Outfit: *elymode* Candy Dish Halter - Candy Corn (yellow) *Theme Park Event, New*
Nails: [EY:NO] Halloween Nails *Gift*
Piercings: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] NEEDLEZ Leg Piercings v2
Tattoo: [trs] Butterflies Tattoo (Foot Butterflies)
Shoes: J's Platform Pumps - Black
Huggie: A.D.D Andel! Candy Corn Huggie-Seraphim Edition
Backpack: *Epic* Kawaii Baddie Candy Corn Backpack [Yellow] *Grenade Wednesday, New*

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Snowy Bridge

Snowy Bridge 
 [Windlight + Paintshopped] 

On the night of the first snow fall of the season, she kneels on the old rickety bridge, waiting...She waits for someone...A man, to pass by...The sky casts an eerie reddish glow upon the world, letting the poor tiny creatures know that tonight...A vampire is on the prowl, thirsty for the red liquid that ruins through their veins. She waits patiently, for her husband-to-be.

Hello and welcome to my blog! This is the first post on this blog EVER! (\o/ yay *clap clap clap*)
I took the photo above and Paintshopped (Paintshopped because i'm too poor for Photoshop *tear*) it. As soon as I posted it in the post editor, I started to wonder what my lonesome vampire-for-the-week girl was doing on that bridge. So I added a brief poetic story behind it. :)

Snowy Bridge

Today Inuoko had really found this wonderful bridge because she was really looking for a place with rain...but found snow instead. *Shrug* She is wearing a necklace by Croire called "Cumulonimbus" (now say that three times fast). It inspired me to find some sort of weather-related scene for the photos.

  Ode to...Life. Life...Why dost we put up with thee? You wreak such havoc upon our poor undeserving souls...

 Don't mind me, just had a bit of a poetic spell. Anyway, the focus on this entry is to mainly welcome you all to this blog. I've tried blogging Second Life things but my passion would crumble over a period of weeks. Why? Because my heart was not in those blogs. Because I followed the "rules" most other SL fashion bloggers followed.

The famous SL fashion blogger Gogo mentioned how SL fashion bloggers are beginning to write less and just post their credits mainly, aside from a sentence or two. I totally agree Gogo, and thats not what I want dammit! *breathes heavily* I am more than willing to sacrifice photo taking/editing time just to talk. Maybe about SL fashion, maybe about other things going on in my little SL world, and even real life. Lets face it..Most SL fashion blog readers read more than just one blog. Most end up viewing several different Inuoko's wearing the same key items just with their own spin on it. I'm sure 50 million SL fashion bloggers have already covered Cumulonimbus, so why should I spend so much time on the photos when most likely you, the reader, has already seen the item already on a different blog? How is that offering anything different? It gets repetitive and boring. I don't like too much repetition, which is why I plan to offer you a few decent shots at a nice location, yet focus more on talking. This is a blog, not flickr. You have Flickr or Photobucket for photos; you can just add clothing credits in the description box. Enough said. I'm going to give you the text you deserve!

So...subscribe somehow; email, google/blogger follow, rss, do you. ;) I'll post again soon, but right now...gawd...I don't even want to glance at the time! Yeouch! Goodnight peeps, and stay tuned!

 Inuoko \o/

Snowy Bridge

Skin: Laq - Imani2 - 05 [Cocoa] Glow Skin (hairbase)
Shape: Own Custom Shape
Hair: >TRUTH< Kendall - dark browns *New*
Earrings: [glow] studio I wish earrings - silver
Tongue/Fangs: [ni.ju] Vampire Tongue/blood
Necklace: [croire] cumulonimbus collection (necklace) *new*
Outfit: *Crazy* Elsa Outfit - Blue
Nails: [EY:NO] Halloween Nails (Gift)
Piercings: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] NEEDLEZ Leg Piercings v2
Tattoo: [trs] Butterflies Tattoo (Foot Butterflies)
Shoes: J's Platform Pumps - Black