Saturday, October 22, 2011

Snowy Bridge

Snowy Bridge 
 [Windlight + Paintshopped] 

On the night of the first snow fall of the season, she kneels on the old rickety bridge, waiting...She waits for someone...A man, to pass by...The sky casts an eerie reddish glow upon the world, letting the poor tiny creatures know that tonight...A vampire is on the prowl, thirsty for the red liquid that ruins through their veins. She waits patiently, for her husband-to-be.

Hello and welcome to my blog! This is the first post on this blog EVER! (\o/ yay *clap clap clap*)
I took the photo above and Paintshopped (Paintshopped because i'm too poor for Photoshop *tear*) it. As soon as I posted it in the post editor, I started to wonder what my lonesome vampire-for-the-week girl was doing on that bridge. So I added a brief poetic story behind it. :)

Snowy Bridge

Today Inuoko had really found this wonderful bridge because she was really looking for a place with rain...but found snow instead. *Shrug* She is wearing a necklace by Croire called "Cumulonimbus" (now say that three times fast). It inspired me to find some sort of weather-related scene for the photos.

  Ode to...Life. Life...Why dost we put up with thee? You wreak such havoc upon our poor undeserving souls...

 Don't mind me, just had a bit of a poetic spell. Anyway, the focus on this entry is to mainly welcome you all to this blog. I've tried blogging Second Life things but my passion would crumble over a period of weeks. Why? Because my heart was not in those blogs. Because I followed the "rules" most other SL fashion bloggers followed.

The famous SL fashion blogger Gogo mentioned how SL fashion bloggers are beginning to write less and just post their credits mainly, aside from a sentence or two. I totally agree Gogo, and thats not what I want dammit! *breathes heavily* I am more than willing to sacrifice photo taking/editing time just to talk. Maybe about SL fashion, maybe about other things going on in my little SL world, and even real life. Lets face it..Most SL fashion blog readers read more than just one blog. Most end up viewing several different Inuoko's wearing the same key items just with their own spin on it. I'm sure 50 million SL fashion bloggers have already covered Cumulonimbus, so why should I spend so much time on the photos when most likely you, the reader, has already seen the item already on a different blog? How is that offering anything different? It gets repetitive and boring. I don't like too much repetition, which is why I plan to offer you a few decent shots at a nice location, yet focus more on talking. This is a blog, not flickr. You have Flickr or Photobucket for photos; you can just add clothing credits in the description box. Enough said. I'm going to give you the text you deserve!

So...subscribe somehow; email, google/blogger follow, rss, do you. ;) I'll post again soon, but right now...gawd...I don't even want to glance at the time! Yeouch! Goodnight peeps, and stay tuned!

 Inuoko \o/

Snowy Bridge

Skin: Laq - Imani2 - 05 [Cocoa] Glow Skin (hairbase)
Shape: Own Custom Shape
Hair: >TRUTH< Kendall - dark browns *New*
Earrings: [glow] studio I wish earrings - silver
Tongue/Fangs: [ni.ju] Vampire Tongue/blood
Necklace: [croire] cumulonimbus collection (necklace) *new*
Outfit: *Crazy* Elsa Outfit - Blue
Nails: [EY:NO] Halloween Nails (Gift)
Piercings: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] NEEDLEZ Leg Piercings v2
Tattoo: [trs] Butterflies Tattoo (Foot Butterflies)
Shoes: J's Platform Pumps - Black