Friday, October 28, 2011

Bullies Ruin Lives

Bullies Ruin Lives
[Windlight, Paintshopped]

As much as I enjoyed working on the poem "My Surrender" in the last blog post, I was really looking forward to this post.

Recently I was talking to Kyle about our pasts. The conversation ended up at school bullying. Because we were more "advanced" in our learning ability, and had some physical differences, we were singled out by some of our peers. For myself, it was daily teasing. I could be doing something as simple as reading a textbook quietly minding my own business when I would hear someone talking to someone else about me. In high school people seemed to think I was a know-it-all, when in reality, I studied hard and I knew what I was talking about. But by Junior year, this did not bother me; people had a lot of respect for me for being smart. There were still a few of the ignoramuses that were jealous because of my good grades, but it wasn't so bad.

Yet, ever since middle school I am ridiculed about my height. I am quite short; about the height of a person with dwarfism (yet I do not have dwarfism nor am I a Little Person). Even worse is the fact that most people who commit this crime upon me do not realize what they're doing. I am asked by strangers exactly how tall I am, or I am told "You're so short!". Seeing as we are pointing out physical differences, would it be okay if I point out ugliness? Or maybe I should ask which parent did they get their ugliness from. But you see, this would be considered rude when, essentially, the same act of rudeness has been committed against me. Some people are purposely rude though. I would be lying if I didn't hear the word "midget" whispered from time to time.

 I've had many years to know that I am shorter than most adults, so trust me when I say that I do not need others to inform me that I am. I actually love my height. There are just so many perks! Do you have that problem of stores running out of something in your size? That problem not only arises lest frequently for me, but also a lot of things in my size is on clearance...Winning! \o/ Also, I can be down right adorable with my short stature, long lashes and shinny dark brown eyes. Cutely peering over my glasses while batting my lashes can steal a guys heart <3

 Growing up I was told to love myself, and at first I did. But because of bullying, I had lost almost all of my confidence for myself. I hated myself, and I wondered "why me". Daily I evaluated my day, analyzing what I did, and from my point of view I did not deserved to be teased. I didn't bother anyone. Sure, I have ridiculed others in my head, but never out loud. I not only tried to keep these thoughts to myself, but I also scolded myself for even thinking it. No body is perfect, after all (no Kyle, I am not perfect). I spent a good three years of my life deeply hating not only myself but most of my peers. I trusted no one.

It took a nice amount of  time for me to build my confidence back up, and I admit that perhaps my confidence might be tooooo high now. But that's alright. I love myself, and I open up to some people. One day I decided to turn over a new leaf and believe in myself. I know that I am a beautiful person, and I believe that my confidence shines brightly. I'm gorgeous and I know it; like a pint-sized model. And you can ask Kyle; I have guys drooling all over me in real life and online. But the sad thing is that I had to go through such bullying in the first place. And trust me, I didn't throw in any of the harsh details.

So, If you are a teasing someone, think about what you're doing. Think before you speak. If you are being teased, I hope that one day you are able to turn over a new leaf and stand up for yourself. Look yourself in the mirror and say, "I am a good person, and that makes me beautiful." Say it and mean it, and just maybe good will come out of it.

Now that that's all said and done...I would like to quickly introduce you to one of my best Second Life friends: DJ Robb! He is suchhh a great friend! We get along so well. I don't have many close friends in Second Life but before I knew it he had become one of them. :) I am his personal hostess. :))) We make one badddd team, so if you're interested in hiring DJ Robb or us a duo please drop me a notecard in-world. ;)

Bullies Ruin Lives
[Cropped, Depth of Field]

Okay so I didn't talk about my outfit much...There was supposed to be a club grand opening today, yet the sim crashed early on during the festivities, so it was canceled. But why waste a great look? ;) By the way, if you haven't heard the news, Mstyle realized a special pair of their Rivea pumps in a Halloween texture for ONLY 1L! Yes, just one linden! Great to complete any Halloween look. Such a great buy! <3

Bullies Ruin Lives
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Take care everyone, and remember to think before you speak!

- Inuoko \o/

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