Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

Hello everyone~ *waves* How are you? Good I hope! I know the photo above is maybe a bit "odd", but the white three I found was breathtaking; I knew it would be perfect for a black and white photo. Anyway, let's get down to business.

Trick or Treat

Here we are! Where is Inuoko's costume? I haven't bought it yet, eeek! I do have it picked out though.Well, not to worry..i'm sure plenty of them will still be in stock ;). As you can see, I finalllyyyy bought Pepper's belt \o/. While I was at her mainstore, I happened to find a couple of people crowding something. It turned out to be the jeans above, boxed. It was Pepper's "Zombie Popcorn Hunt", item. I don't normally do hunts unless they're very small parcel-wide hunts, or something simple like Jersey Shore's Halloween hunt, but hey; while the item was in sight.. ;)

 I just lovveeee gatchas, don't you? When they first started to pop up heavily, I avoided them out of fear of getting something I didn't want. I was just being a penny-saver and a cautious shopper. But these days, I find a gatcha machine and I have to give it a click or two. If I don't want it, I just transfer it over to my boyfriend Kyle, oooor I pass it off to a friend or newbie stranger. Yes, I give things to newbies. I like to be helpful. I just don't give money so don't ask, haha. If you need to find some places to shop, then i'm your girl. ;) In the above picture, I have a headband and hoodie by *BOOM* for the "Bake Sale"; a discount circle of different stores.

Now that we're done with fashion...I was talking with Kyle earlier, on Windows Live Messenger.  He normally spends a good few hours with me a day, but today he couldn't. He mentioned how the saying, "Being apart makes the heart grows fonder." Well, from experience, I find this to be true. Having to miss your partner for a while does create very intense moments of love when reunited. Tomorrow i'll probably tackle him and hug him to death! <3 Yet still, we both agreed that we'd rather have our normal, loving times together than be apart for one intense moment, because to create that intense moment, there is a nice amount of loneliness. Kyle, I want you to know that I miss you, and I hope tomorrow you will be able to spend time with me <3

Till next time,

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

Skin: Laq - Imani2 - 05 [Cocoa] Glow Skin (hairbase)
Shape: Own Custom Shape (Tall Version)
Headband: *BOOM* Ribbon Headband- Halloween Theme 1 *Gatcha, Bake Sale, New*
Hair: >TRUTH< Lilia - java
Nom Nom: ~Pepper~ Halloween Knife
Face Piercing: :Hebenon Vial: The Minimalist
Hoodie: *BOOM* Park Life Hoodie -Orange Skull- 3 *Gatcha, Uncommon, Bake Sale, New*
Belt: ~Pepper~ Halloween Belt
Pants: ~Pepper~ Jeans Baggy "Day" *Zombie Popcorn Hunt*
Pail: ANA_Trick Or Treat Pail - Pumpkin *Super Bargain Saturday*
Nails: [EY:NO] Halloween Nails *Gift*
Shoes: J's Platform Pumps