About Me

Second Life Name: Inuoko Shikami
Rez Date: 9/24/2006
Partner: KyleMathome Resident 
Languages: American English. Cat. 
Race: African American

Hello, my SL name is Inuoko Shikami. In the virtual world known as Second Life, I am known as a fashion blogger and informant among the public, and a fashion consultant among friends.

I spend a lot of my time shopping, blogging, and hunting down new items to blog. I really enjoy blogging because it is a way to release some of my creative juices that tend to build up and overflow; causing me to do very random stuff if not taken care of. Yeah.

Most of my looks are kawaii, ganguro, decora, anime and/or fantasy inspired. I am a huge fan of anime, and Asian culture. I really enjoy kawaii items and colors, as well as demonic items. 

I roleplay as a succubus; a shapeshifting demon that feeds from sexual energy. I eat and sleep like a human to sustain energy because i'm not much of one to cyber. As a demon who likes cute things, my looks are often a mix between cute and demonic. A cute dress with horns and the like is my swagger. Yes. Swagger.

"How did I end up in SL?" - An online roleplay son of mine told me about the game he always played, so I decided to make an account. This was back in 2006. My roleplay name was, and remains to be, Inuoko so I decided to name my avatar as such. My time in SL was short-lived because my laptop at the time had a poor graphics card. Once I purchased a new laptop, I returned full force.

"What's with the weird blog name?" - Long story short, in a roleplay I was doing with my boyfriend Kyle, I devoured a demon's soul. Tasted pretty good too.

"Oh, you must have so many friends!" - I have only a few in both real life and Second Life. I'm pretty shy. Random IMs are more than welcome though.

- Inuoko Shikami \o/


In-World ---> [X]|Name: Inuoko Shikami | IM if online. Notecard if offline.
Flickr      ---> [X]|Flickr Mail Welcome.
Plurk       ---> [X]|Do Not Leave Messages.

Random In-World IMs welcome. :)


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