Thursday, June 28, 2012

Second Life BDSM

Second Life BDSM

Hey peeps. Most of my readers know that i'm a real life femdom. I'm pretty open about this; I mean, check my in-world profile. It's listed there, promise. Allow me to start from the beginning:

Thanks to the world wide web, I came across BDSM as a young teen. I liked role-playing on forums; mainly anime and fantasy role-plays to be exact.  Even certain role-playing forums contained BDSM, and it wasn't long before I became instantly fascinated. It's like a part of me had been missing my entire life, and now I had found said lost piece. I found myself engulfed in exciting, dangerous, alluring BDSM role-plays over and over again. I even had several masters over the years, just on the internet. Let's keep in mind that I tried to be safe; I did not tell them my address or any other very personal information. After learning how to serve a master from excellent masters, I moved on to having a few slaves of my own on the internet. Being both a master and mistress at the same time was such an experience! One minute I would be submitting to my master, the next controlling my slave, all on forums and instant messaging.

Masters and slaves have changed over the years. One slave of mine has been by my virtual-side for almost six years, and i've been by the side of my virtual master for a few years. Late 2010, my first real life slave submitted to me.

Second Life BDSM

That's right! My boyfriend Kyle, haha. He submitted a good while before asking me out.  It's interesting to be in control in real life; to have someone kneel before you, ready to serve and obey. As you can see, Kyle is with me in Second Life as well. Often times, Second Life BDSM is very different from the real thing. 

When I hear someone talking about SL BDSM, I hear that we're sex fiends. Lol. Well, i've visited quite a few BDSM clubs/dungeons/sims, and well...more often than not, the misinformed are being led by the misinformed. These people judge BDSM from what they see in Second Life, and  form their opinions based on the many SL sex fiends that call themselves "masters" and "mistresses", who really know nothing about BDSM. These people think that by "acting" like a tough master, or being naughty and alluring like a mistress, they are, i'm forgetting the need of a master/mistress group tag, a naughty outfit, and a freebie Open Collar on hand. *Cough* Those whom have taken it a step further maybe read a few articles on Google. Now they're experts! *Radiates sarcasm* Let's face it; most people in Second Life don't understand BDSM. Some people do, they really do, and others? Don't.

Which has led me to write this article about Second Life and BDSM. It feels awful when  someone looks at my often kawaii, petite avatar and think that i'm involved in something dirty and are completely shocked by the thought that "Kawaii Inu" somehow got caught up in the sex-fiend world. Well, let me start off by saying that besides my boyfriend Kyle, I do not participate in sexual acts with my other slaves in SL. They don't even want me to.

Yes, BDSM can be about sexual acts, but it can also be other things. BDSM is a bond of trust between an owner and slave, often physically represented by a collar.  It's a special form of companionship, much like a relationship between partners. The slave usually submits to an owner they are willing to fully trust with every aspect of their life, rather this be real life and/or Second Life. It's about being able to let go of the reins of your own life and allow someone trustworthy to take over for a while, or being the one to take over to allow another to relax. It's a give and take relationship, not a "you do what I say and thats that" kind of relationship (unless this is specifically what the slave desires). My slaves love and trust me because they know i'll always be there for them to give them love, affection, and advice with their troubles. They can come to me and relax for a while, and allow me to take care of them. On top of all this, we're a BDSM family, so we all love, respect, and support one another.

BDSM is a way of life, not just something to do in ones spare time. It's a learning experience for both owner and slave, and takes time for bonds to build and grow. It's a journey full of memories, adventures, and most importantly, being able to discover one's self in way that only having an owner or being owned can. Yes, sexual acts are a big part of BDSM, but there is a lot more to it than that; as I said, sex isn't even the focal point when it comes to my slaves and I. It doesn't have to be. BDSM has many sides to it, and to think it's just about sex is very inaccurate view.

I hope this helps to clear up some of the SL-caused misconceptions about BDSM.~

Second Life BDSM

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

Bodyshop (Body):
Skin: "tSg" - Chloe in Cherub
Hair: =DeLa*= - Mesh Hair "Dolce"
Nails: ...:::Scrub:::... - Zipper Nails
Tattoo: Blah. - (Haiku Sakura Tattoo)
Face Piercing: ::[annaA]:: - Face Piercing "Bhutas " _ dark
Under-Eyeshadow: [ni.Ju] - Cat Scratch . baby pink

Create A SLer (Outfit):
Corset: [A]renesmee - Summer Stud Corset PINK *Perfect Wardrobe*
Skirt: Fuckin Hawt - Pleat Skirt (MESH) Black
Tights: *Sheer* - Tights 08: Torn Shiny Black
Panties: MUSCHI - Panties Down - Black
Bracelets: [EY:NO] - Mess Bangles silver
Horns: {Lemon Tea} - Horny Bumps (Pink)
Tail: {Lemon Tea} - Upright Demon Tail (Glossy Pink)
Shoes: J's - Thigh High BOOTS Black

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Never Look Back, You'll Die Tomorrow|Booshies

Never Look Back, You'll Die Tomorrow|Booshies

Oh Shiiii! Booshies! o.O Look, isn't he cuteee, wrapped around my neck? :D This is my "Urpy Neck Warmer". This unscripted neck warmer is so adorb! It's new, and can be found at Menchy's store in Booshtopia.

Along with my Urpy, I have this "Nectubloom" plant, pictured right behind me.  These grow in Booshtopia, and little Booshies like real Urpys (not the neck warmer) eat them. Cool right? My Nectubloom is decoration though, but will be perfect to landscape your Booshies' habitat once they officially hit the market, and the game begins. It is available for FREE as a free to join group gift.

From what I know, the game is going to be like an RPG/MMORPG, where you can travel, breed, and battle with your Booshies, and more. I'm highly looking forward to this! :)

For now, you can Pre-order starter kits,  avatars that look like Booshies (I kind of have my eye on the Pony, I may decide to buy it one day), T-shirts, and accessories like my Urpy Warmer.

I really suggest visiting the sim, it's so wonderful! I feel like I just stepped into a cute MMORPG when I visited!

This an more about Booshies....

TP to Booshtopia: [X]
Official Website: [X

------------------------------X dress..Adorb yo!!! It's called "Pink Lines", and is by Censored [X]. I really like this mesh dress, it looks all frilly yo! The back of the dress has a darker pink. It's really "trippy"; it was unexpected but cool.

Never Look Back, You'll Die Tomorrow|Booshies

My skin?  It's by Modish, called "KastAspell Summer -Candy-" in the Sunkiss tone. It's available at the June Festival event [X].


"Never look back, you'll die tomorrow". No matter how much you tell someone you forgive them,  matter how much you want to forgive them, no matter...You'll always remember. Live in the now, let go of the past, and move forward. 

*Stuffs her last bite of soft taco in her mouth* Like the new layout? :O Hee hee I do~

 - Inuoko Shikami \o/
[My Words Devour Souls


Eyes: [Saturnine Dreams] - Cecaelia Eyes - Amber
Ears: *~*Illusions*~* - Mystic Ear: Elfin/Naturals 
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ - Coco Mesh Hair - Jellyfish *Color Modified* 
Nails: Mandala - Long nail
Ring: [EY:NO] - Filigran Ring (silver)
Ring: [label mode] - plant a tree 
Tail: .:: Delusions ::. - Imp Tail w/Bow
Shoes: N-core - EMPORIUM "Pure Black"

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Teddy, Don't Cry

Teddy, Don't Cry

Each tear that rolls down your cheeks is like acid to my heart. Teddy, don't cry.'s okay to cry. You're my teddy; you're my cuddly rock that I snuggle when tears roll down my cheeks, so it would only be fair to be there to wipe away your tears. When you're sad, i'm sad. Shh, teddy...i'm here for you, and everything will be alright.

I love you Kyle <3

Teddy, Don't Cry

Nails: Adoness - Basic Nails - Sepia *Nail set*
Earrings:  Adoness - Godric - Earring - Gold 
Top: .:Acid & Mala:. - Wild&Chic Shirt *Has a dress option included*
Pants: *BeReckless* - Mesh Comfy Jeans Black

TP: Black Market Discount Event [X]

Hair:  [Yulicie] [X] - Cassie [2] - Dark Brown *Bang/No bang options included*

I must say that I love this hair. I don't usually like hair in my face in RL, but I think it added some more smexy to my look. ;) 

2nd Photo's Poses: Focus Poses @ June Festival [X] *Ends June 30th*

Other Credits:
Skin: "tSg" - Chloe in Cherub 
Eyes: "tSg" - WetLook - Dark Brown
Eyeliner: .:Acid & Mala:. - Black Eyeliner - Asia 
Necklace: [ glow ] - Necklace Amelie pearl 
Bracelet: Izzie's - *A* Wood Bangles black  
Ring: ::LEO-NT:: - Heart Ring [black]
Piercing: ::[annaA]:: - Face Piercing "Bhutas " _ dark 
Shoes: DeeTaleZ - Pumps black No. 1 

PS: PSSSTTTT YO! FuchOn [X] has a discount area, 50L or LESS! Go go!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hate You

Hate You

Hate you..i'm fine living without you~

Hate You

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

Hair by  [Yulicie] [X] -  Simple - Brown *New, only 50L*

Bodyshop (Body):
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::. - Charmy
Eyes: "tSg" - WetLook Dark Brown
Eyeliner: .:Acid & Mala:. Black Eyeliner - Asia
Nails: +:+WTG+:+ - **Ribbon-classic** jeweled nail

Create A SLer (Outfit):
Bow: Chus! - Chubow Black *Freebie*
Glasses: .:Acid & Mala:. - Reader Glasses -  Black Baldie
Choker: K_gs - KittyChoker/Bell
Bracelet: [EY:NO] - Color Beads Bracelet (pink) silver *Gatcha*
School Outfit: *Edelweiss* School-Line
Panties: MUSCHI - Panties Down - Black
Tail: {Lemon Tea} - Neko Tail - Black
Shoes + Socks: Dark Midday Designs - "Esther" Pumps with Socks - BLACK

If you liked that...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

Fitting In

Fitting In

Hey peeps! I tried something new!!! 4 views, one photo to upload. Not sure if you all will like it, but I do! <3

Well on to a more serious manner...Last night I was talking to a certain Lilibug sissy about "fitting in". We're both African American women that are quite different from the "ghetto stereotype". Let's not pretend like stereotypes don't exist. Even worse than them? I know full well that many African Americans (note that i did not say all) follow the "ghetto stereotype". They feel the need to "act black". My sissy and I are part of the group that don't follow said stereotype, and i've been told countless times that "I don't act black". I find this to be humorous, considering how the same people wish to be "unique". In my old predominantly African American high school, while their were some slight variations, most people looked the same when it came to the clothes they wore and hairstyles. They even talked the same thanks to slang. I always wondered how this was unique. I was told that I "talked proper" (is it bad to speak near-proper English?), and asked if I knew who "Lil' Wayne" Sure, most people knew that rap wasn't my thing, and that I preferred "white people music" *cough*, but come doesn't mean that I put in earplugs every time rap comes on the radio. And for the record? Amongst my rock and screamo tuneage, I did have some Lil' Wayne and Drake. Lol. 

While me dressing like a punk-rock chick with my spiky chokers and bracelets with a manga in my hand and something heavy blasting in my ears didn't seem odd to me, it did to them. I showed them something different, something quite unique for our school, and it really turned heads. While a handful of people were impressed with my uniqueness I admit (not that I did it for the attention), some people seemed afraid or something, haha. People are afraid of what they don't understand. People tend to shun what they don't understand. I did find it nice that some people asked me SERIOUS questions, instead of mocking me. Those open-minded souls are what the world needs more of. Don't understand? Try and understand instead of freaking out about it before you even know what it's about. 

*Exhales* Whew. Moving on...My purty plaid vest is called "John Open Vest", by Paperbag. I loveeee this vest! It's mesh of course, and it's all tattered at the end, hee hee. You can pick this up along with a floral version as well as torn high-waist shorts for 50L each at Fi-Friday [X]. Hurry! Items only stay out for a week~ 

If you know me, you know that I have an odd obsession with cows...Kyle is sooo going to laugh at me as he reads this LOL. He knows this all too well. Anyway, .::CENSORED::. released 3 cute little bags called, "Funny Cow Bag". I'm wearing it in brown. :) You can get the bags at June Festival! [X]

My tattoo?  I. Love. It. I look like a cute rebel...Lol. I think it goes nicely with the tattered vest. It's called, "Freedom", by Angelic tatto [X]

Lastly, i'd like to mention my super cute eyes!  The owner of The Sugar Garden had asked on Flickr for some suggestions for eyes, and because i contributed she gave me my suggested eyes for free! Yay! These pretty eyes come in system and mesh! The mesh is adorb but I didn't wear them with this shape because Inu has such large eyes lol. But believe me their great! I wont list names but there are 3 packs of eyes available so go!!! [X] Thank you eilfie!!!! <3

Have a nice day yo~

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

Bodyshop (Body):
Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Mimi base(Cream)
Hair: 【hairshop nodoka】 - *Miyuki-Brown*
Eyeliner: .:A&M:. Black Eyeliner - Asia
Bloody Knees: *Anymore.. - bloody knee
Nails: S (and) P - LadyBug Spring Nails *Ladybug/bow ring included*

Create A SLer (Outfit):
Horns: {Lemon Tea} - Horny Bumps (Ethereal)
Tail: {Lemon Tea} - Upright Demon Tail (Ethereal)
Bracelets: Izzie's - *A* Wood Bangles black/red *fatpack*
Necklace: [EY:NO]  - Filigran String Necklace (silver)
Ring: [EY:NO] - Filigran Ring r (silver)
Skirt: L`Exception - Pleated Mini- Classic 
Shoes: N-core - EMPORIUM "Pure Black" 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Electric Shock

Electric Shock

Hey peeps~ I almost said "hey girls", but...I wonder if any guys read my blog (besides my guy friends)...hahahaha i'm curious. Wouldn't be surprised if guys lusted after my anime/fantasy goodies <3

 Recently (last thursday) I went on a trip with Kyle, my real life best friend, and some others to an amusement park. It was quite fun! I got on some rides, played in the arcade (watched Kyle own Dance Dance Revolution), saw some of their shows, and all around had a good time hanging out with them. A day I surely won't forget~

On another note, i've updated my music collection, sooo expect some music coming your way! \o/

Electric Shock

 Surely you've been to this round of Perfect Wardrobe [X] by now? No!? Well hurry on over there and pick up this top called "Sochi ", by Yulicie. In the pack it comes with one cropped version (shown) for females, and one normal lengthened shirt for males. :)  I enjoyed this round; it had some good stuff, and it was more packed than usual. I hope it stays this way! \o/

I'm sure my shorts just might be a new find for you! These meshie shorts called "Short Jeans Black" are by Fashion Fears [X], and I enjoy them because I think they would work nicely with any outfit. ;) I had them in my inventory for a while but forgot..sorry! Haha. When I re-discovered them I was all yaayyy! lol

Finally, my kawaii little flats are called "Mesh Flats (Pink Polka) ", and are by Cyroline [X]. I'm really enjoying their set of kawaii-printed flats! :D

That's all for now~

 - Inuoko Shikami \o/
[My Words Devour Souls]

Bodyshop (Body):
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::. - Moran-LB
Hair: [elikatira] - Return - Colour 01
Nails: MANDALA -Long nail
Eyeliner: .:Acid & Mala:. - Black Eyeliner - Asia
Lipgloss: .:Acid & Mala:. - Lipbalm - Soft Gloss

Create A SLer (Outfit):
Horns: [][]Trap[][] - Xeno Black
Bow: Chus! - Chubow Black *Freebie*
Ring: [label mode] - plant a tree
Bracelets: Izzie's - *A* Wood Bangles black & b/w *Fatpack*
Necklace: Izzie's - Pearl Necklace black
Pantyhose: Izzie's - Tights abstract

Monday, June 11, 2012

Gaia Online's ZOMG MMORPG

Gaia Online's ZOMG MMORPG

Hey Peeps. So, i've been a gamer for quite some time. I remember playing Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt. I was so amazed with duck hunt; shooting at the screen, trying my best so that the stupid dog wouldn't laugh at my failures. Lol. The dog mocked me a lot though, seeing as I wasn't so great at it.

I've never been so great at gaming, but i've always enjoyed it. Aside of Second Life, i've been playing Gaia Online's [X] MMO, "ZOMG [X]". I enjoy it for several reasons. For one, there are literally thousands of items to customize your 2D avatar before battle. Your avatar is used across the site, such as on the forums which has always been a very large internet community for anime fans and gamers. Then you can take your custom avatar into a 2D virtual world in your web browser (no software required), full of monsters and quests (some of the NPCS are quite humorous if I might add). Now this may not be a game for hardcore gamers, but it's quite enjoyable game. It gets even better: The money you earn from killing monsters and quests can be used back on the website so you can buy new clothes! :D This game is free, buuuut like any game you can spend money for clothes or to buy a FEW items from the ZOMG store. Note that I said a few; this game doesn't allow money to rule it...unless you're flippin' rich in rl, which well...yeah. The only thing i'm not fond of is that pets can't fight, but I hear they're working on that. ;) All in all, it's a easy to learn game with enough of a challenge for your average or not-so-skilled gamer. ^^' Hell, even Kyle's enjoying playing with me and he's an excellent gamer, lol. :P

Gaia Online's ZOMG MMORPG

My outfit? Honestly, I put it together just to show off my new wings LOL! Sadly, they don't do anything..buuut they're an amazing piece of meshtasticness (yeah I made that word up). :D

Gaia Online's ZOMG MMORPG

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

Bodyshop (Body):
Skin: .the sugar garden. - Lumiere C :: Catwoman
Hair: *Dura* The 2nd year Anniversary Hair (Black) *Free Natrual Tone Fatpack*
Eyeliner: .:Acid & Mala:. - Black Eyeliner - Asia
Eyeshadow: ABS - Eyeshadow III cyan
Nails: +:+WTG+:+ - **Dragon Fes** jeweled nail

Create A SLer (Outfit):
Eye Piercing: [ni.Ju] - Dismantle Piercing
Horns: [ni.Ju] - Eurexiaun Horns
Wings: Xeno - Wings
Bodysuit: Kyoot - Idolatry Body Suit (Cyan)
Necklace: Izzie's - Bead Necklace cyan gold
Shoes: N-core - EMPORIUM "Pure Black"

Friday, June 08, 2012

Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Season 2

Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Season 2

Hey guys. I feel late. So late. I just found out that there's a season two to Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler in English). Well, better late than never I suppose. Have you seen it?

The series is complete, buuut I just watched the two episodes I saw available free on Hulu [X]. Kyle told me it was out but sadly at this time i'm far too busy for anime hunting to try and find all the episodes subbed elsewhere, haha. I think i'll just wait on Hulu for now.

From what I saw, it seemed good. I feel as if it may be lacking some of the intoxicating feel of season  1, but it still seems worth watching. I mean; plenty of anime make a season 2 that might be a bit.."lacking" from the first. Yes, we still have Ciel, Sebastian, and Grell..I was so worried we'd loose Grell! Haha. Sorry, I'm usually an anime watcher, not a manga reader..few exceptions. I'm sure the manga would have told me that Grell wasn't leaving us. :P

Anywhos...Give it a shot yo! Well worth checking out! :D

Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Season 2

Falling out of "Anime World" back into SL....Inu's trying to be a little gangsta girly today, looool. I had fun with this outfit, and I think she enjoyed wearing it; she got quite a few compliments. :)

The red mesh pants i'm wearing are called "Mila Pants - Red", and are by Censored. It was a tough choice on what pair to wear because they're so many interesting prints to choose from, but in the end I decided that the red pair best matched my top. You may find yourself walking off with the entire fatpack, loool! Also by Censored, i'm wearing their lip cosmetic, "Paty Gloss". They've released a few different lip cosmetics so you makeup fans should go take a looksie!

TP to Censored: [X]

My Pikachu cap? Adorb I know~ It's by cyroline, and is called "Mesh Cap (Pika)". Quality Pokemon  items are kinda scarce in SL, so i'm allll over quality Pokemon gear! :D

TP to cyroline: [X]

-Inuoko Shikami \o/
[My Words Devour Souls]

Mesh Around Hunt items below: SLURL: [X] Info: [X]
Hair: -discord designs- - Clint *Natural tone pack, non-rigged mesh, hairbases included*

SVPAP Charity Showcase items below: SLURL: [X]
Eyes: [UMEBOSHI] - SVPAP eyes - Coro is charcoal covered
Shirt: Apple May Designs: Graphic Tanks - Heart Splatter

Other Credits:
Skin: .the sugar garden. - Lumiere C :: Catwoman ::
Horns: Blackstar Inc. - ~glamour horns~ silver *Store may have closed?*
Collar: ...::: Scrub :::... - Zoso Collar
Collarbone Piercing: [ni.Ju] - Broken Hearted Piercing . full *Old Hunt gift, Not Available*
Nails: ...::Scrub:::.. - Supreme
Shoes: N-core - EMPORIUM "Pure Black"

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

In Sickness|Mesh Around|SVPAP Charity

In Sickness|Mesh Around|SVPAP Charity

Hello everyone~

I almost named this post "Purple Catdog", because of all the purple, the caught mouse, and the puppy-dog headband...but I thought about it and changed it to, "In Sickness".

I'm sure just about everyone knows the verse in traditional wedding vows that goes, "In sickness and in health." Well, i've been sick for the last couple days, and today Kyle has spent his entire day off from work with me. It was so nice..he came over and we played Tekken, talked, cuddled and stuff..he really helped me feel better through companionship and laughter. When you're ill and someone is there for you, it really reminds you that that person loves you. And let's not forget; they say that laughter is the best medicine of all! ;)

In Sickness|Mesh Around|SVPAP Charity

Now for some business! The last couple of posts have been about the Mesh Around hunt, but theres more than just that going on in SL you know!

Have you been to the "Society Protective Valencian of Animals and Plants (SVPAP)" event? This is NOT a hunt, it's a showroom of items from many stores across the grid that have come together for the sake of raising money to protect animals and plant-life in RL. SL has so many events like this for people, so it's nice when we come across those for animals and plants. The showroom is very neat and easy to browse through, so I suggest taking a peek at least. Come on, it's for charity! :)

 - Inuoko Shikami \o/
[My Words Devour Souls

"Mesh Around" Hunt Items Worn: 
Pants: BUID - Jeans (D-1)
Shoes: [Gos] - Desire Ankle Boot - Baby Pink

Mesh Around Info: [X]
Mesh Around TP: [X]

"SVPAP" Charity Items Worn: 
Eyes: [UMEBOSHI] - SVPAP eyes - Coro is charcoal covered
Tattoo: [ Omen ] - Pet It TattooTop:
[ SAKIDE ] - Cuddly Animal Loose Top Leo Pink
Mouse: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. - Trapped mouse Creme
Dog Ears Headband: Chus! - Babypup in Gum
Necklace: Jamman - New Age Afromoon Necklace

SVPAP Info: [X]

Other Credits: 
Skin: .the sugar garden. - Lumiere C :: Catwoman *Skin Showcase Event [X]*
Hair: ::Exile:: - London Rain:Babydoll
Nails: Mstyle - Perfect Hand - Long
Earrings/Necklace: ::LEO-NT:: - Heart Earring/Necklace Set - Black
Bracelet: ~*Bishes Inc* - ~Animal Print Set ~Rainbow~

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Even Pandas Mesh Around

Even Pandas Mesh Around

Tired of that title? Seeing it twice is too much? I think it's cute. :P You know..I don't think i've ever been a panda in SL...weird...

Even Pandas Mesh Around

I have some more Mesh Around hunt items to show you all, as well as some panda-wear. :P Inu's a cute panda girly! <3

*"Mesh Around" is brought to you by The Ego Co. [X]
*If you need more info about the Mesh Around event, I've posted it here: [X]
*If you want to jump right into the event, here's a tp:

 TP: "Mesh Around" Hunt Starting Point [X]

 Remember, you're looking for this:

Even Furrys Mesh Around

Okay, now...i'd like to announce that...

I have panda-print shoes OMGEEE!! <3 O.O

Even Pandas Mesh Around

They're adorable!! They're called  "Mesh Flats (panda)", a part of the wide range of mesh flats offered by the store, ~Cyroline~ [X].

- Inuoko Shikami \o/
[My Words Devour Souls ] 

*Mesh Around Hunt Items Shown*: 
Top:  Ingenue - :: Lottie Bustier :: Cherries Jubilee 
Skirt: .evolve. - dandy.skirt. (ecru) 
Necklace: Izzie's - Panda Necklace 
Floral Bangles/Ring: [Sleeping Koala] - Metal Floral Bangle

Body Shop (Body):
  Skin: .::Mother Goose's::. - Charmy
     Hair: Magika - Dare
Makeup: [ni.Ju] - Cat Scratch . baby pink
Panda Shadow: [ni.Ju] - Makeup - Red Panda . pure black
Nails: [*Rotten Defiance*]* - Nailed-Pink Flower-Nails

Create A SLer (Outfit):
 Hair Accessory: [Love Soul] - Hair Accessory*PANDA*
Piercing: [ni.Ju] - Dismantle Piercing . typeA/right
Ears/Tail: ++Panda Express++ - Panda Bamboo Bit
Necklace: *Anymore necklace  Panda special edit #2