Tuesday, August 05, 2014


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Hello peeps! More M3/Kemono goodies guize!

So I was working on modding more m3/kemononess, when I paused to take a flip through Flickr.

I was stunned, then floored.

I mean, I  literally got up out of my seat and walked around in circles a few times to try and contain all the excitement. ;w;

Jadezilla (The Secret Hideout) is selling one of her M3 head mods! I couldn't believe it! I assumed she would only make them for personal use (wouldn't blame her!), but she's selling it for rather cheap. The quality and detail are amazing! <3

- Inuoko Shikami \o/ 

CC Winged Puffs *MishMish* Candy Fluffz - Pink [The Dreamers Factory [X] ] *New*
Giraffe: *MishMish* Baby Giraffe (sit) - Rose [C88 [X] ] *New*
Alchemy/Birdy - Chi Chi Chihuahua - Bow - Black [The Chapter Four] *New*

CC Machine: *MishMish* Cotton Candy Machine - Pink [The Dreamers Factory [X] ] *New*
CC: *MishMish* Cotton Candies Display - Pink [The Dreamers Factory [X] ] *New*

Head: Utilizator: M3 - Head
Body: Utilizator: Kemono Body
Skin: -The Secret Hideout- Keiko M3 Head Appliers *New*
Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Mimi" (Type B)(Black amber)
Eyes: .:CandyCutie:. Virus Natural Brown eyes (for m3)

Create an OUTFIT:
Hoodie: -The Secret Hideout- Deaddy Bear Hoodie Textures (Krankhaus Hoodie Mod) *New*
Socks: DS;K! - Kemono Stockings - Skele
Shoes: *Crazy Kitty* High sexy sneakers black

Bat Hairpin: {Amai} Chocolate Bat Hairpin. Choco. - Pink Ombre RARE >gacha< [Gacha Mania [X] ] *New*
Eyepatch: Blah. [X] (My SweetPatch) Pink/Violet
Earrings: .random.Matter. - Abaddon Earrings - Black *New*
Choker: -The Secret Hideout- Dolly Choker
Necklace Rainbow: . Sweet Thing. Rainbow Love Cutie Necklace [Candy Shop [X] ] *New*
Necklace Heart: +Spellbound+ [X] Fckn Cute Cookie Necklace // Colour Me RARE >gacha<

Horns/Rose hairpiece: +Half-Deer+ Aventine Horns - Pastella Gothica RARE >gacha<
[Melonopolis] [X] Soft Angel Wings *New*


Kyle Mathome said...

The cuteness.. its too much to handle x//////x

Anonymous said...

Where is da hair?