Thursday, November 21, 2013

Inuoko's Relationship Meme

Inuoko's Relationship Meme

Hello peeps! Today, Kyle and I bring you our current LOTDs, and a meme too!

So I decided that for today, I wanted to do a couple post! I know I don't do these often; due to to time constraints, the extra work it takes to prepare/credit TWO people at once, etc etc...But, Kyle picked up a few new items, and I made an outfit out of those things as well as some of his previously owned items. I liked how it turned out, so I decided to share!

I also decided to do a meme of my own! Yay! I'm sure there are plenty of questions I wont think of to put here, but I did decide to come up with a few off the top of my head. 

1) When did you meet? - Hmm...Sometime in 2010..I don't remember the exact month, but I feel as it might have been during a warmer time of the year.

2) Where did you meet? - On my front porch, lol. A mutual friend invited him to hang out with "the gang." We didn't really talk much (I'm extremely shy), but I did feel a bit of chemistry. I was definitely physically attracted to him. ;)

3) When did you start dating? - It was some months later. We were best friends, and really enjoyed one-another's company. He asked me out the day before Christmas Eve; December 23rd, 2010.

4) Where did your first dinner-date take place? - Ummm...My memories a bit fuzzy to be honest. :X...But I believe it was Applebees. I got dressed up all pretty in a dress, my mom curled my hair..I was shy at first, but we met an old couple sitting across from us, and they really lightened the mood. They told us about how long they've been together, and it was really amazing.

5) How long have you been dating? - Almost 3 years. <3

6) Do you think you'll get married one day? - Definitely! <3 When we're both a bitttttt older, lol.

7) What do you like most about them? - Gawd...His eyes, his smile, the way he makes me laugh, the way can build off of the others jokes for never-ending laughter...The way we're never bored in the other's company, like a lot of the same things such as anime, console gaming, MMORPGs and Second Life..I suppose what I like most about him, is that when he's there, it's as if all my struggles go away. <3

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

>Inuoko's Credits<
Skin: .The Sugar Garden. [X] Kotoko :: C tone
Hair: (Chemistry) HAIR - Bubbles
Eyes: .StrawberryJam. Don't cry - Ground [Fatpack Week [X] ]
Lipcolor: ROZENA/ Kiss Kiss ~ bubble gum
Facepaint: Lovely Disarray [X] - I'm no Priest: Face Paint
Face Stickers: [ni.Ju] Face Stars . rainbow >gacha<

PAINful Decor:
Tattoo Torso/Arms: .Identity. - Pocket Full Of Candy [The Boobies Show]
Tattoo Hands: Xanthe's [X] - Eyeballin' Slink hand tattoos *New* [Free Gift] tysm Xanthe <3
Piercing Collarbone: Cute Poison [X] - Atonement Piercings

Create an OUTFIT:
Top: Blah. (My Sweet Crop Top) Sweets/Pink Jacket >gacha< *New* [Hello Titty Slots [X] ]
Shorts: :Bubblegum Treasure Trove: High Waist Shorts - Candy Dream  *New* [Suicide Dollz [X] ]
Socks: C h a r y . - White Thigh High Sporties (pink) [The Azz Show]
Shoes: .The Sugar Garden. [X] Dolly Heels - *Knotty* Pink Suede >Slink Med. Feet Only< *New*

Glasses: (TokiDoki) pink tortoise frame glasses
Headband Eyeball/Bow: //LovelyAlien// HexHeadband
Headphones: [geek.] [X] DUBS V.2 Elite - Brightside- WITH MIC *New*
Headband Icecream: .{yumyums}.  - {3 Scoop} Headband {Neapolitan} RARE >gacha< *New* [Thrift Shop [X] ]
Ring: .{yumyums} - {3 Scoop} Raging Rainbow RARE >gacha< [Thrift Shop]
Garter: *MUKA* [X] Garter Love - Right >Shaped For PhatAzz & Normal Avi< *New*
Purse: NS:: [X] - Big Heart Bag (1) >Limited gacha< *New*
Necklace: ~ Kawaii ~ [X] - Pink Unicorn Necklace >gacha<
Bellychain: <-Puncture-> Zodiac Belly Chain (Taurus)

Horns: {PopTart} - Drippy Horns (Strawberry) *New* [Perfect Wardrobe [X] ]
Wings: ! [Razzicle] Chibi wings - Shade Pastel Rainbow *New*
Tail: Sinful Needs [X] - Mesh Tail, H-Spaded Short, Chubby Bare
Legs/Ass: ** Phat Azz /w more inner thighs
Breasts: Lolas :::Tango Mirage :::

>Kyle's Credits<
Skin: .Birdy. Damon skin ~Porcelaine~ (Black) *New* [The Mens Dept [X] ]
Facepaint: Lovely Disarray - I'm no Priest: Face Paint

PAINful Decor:
Tattoo: [Sleepy Bozer] Scorpio
Piercing Face: .Pekka. Sinners Unisex Piercing - BLACK

Create an OUTFIT:
Jacket: Razorblade Jacket/// Vacancy Hooded Jacket *New* [The Mens Dept]
Jeans: RONSEM* Straight Jeans / jetblack
Boots: Razorblade Jacket/// Strapped Cons - Shape 1 - Blk & Wht Zombie

Hat: Remarkable Oblivion - Paragon Cap - Forever Black *New* [The Mens Dept]
Headphones: 22769 ~ [homme] Headphones Banzai
Necklaces: KOSH
Ring: ...:::Scrub:::... Armour Ring