Thursday, November 14, 2013

TSG Bunny Full-Release | Silicone 5

TSG Bunny Full-Release | Silicone 5

Hello peeps! Just a few outfits for those who love curves!

So..I have a cold. Boo. I wanted to have this out days sooner, but I didn't expect to get sick, and to find myself unable to stay awake long enough to post. ._.'

From Left to Right:
1)  [LDP] - L'Douce Push Basic - Pink Tee
2)  {.Pixel.Dust.} - Nicki's Outfit!
3) SOURIRES CLOTHING CO. - Bohrz Shirt - Pink

These lovely items all come with Tangos appliers and Phat Azz appliers! Find these sexy items and more at:

[TP TO: Silicone [X] ]

I made my tits larger (+5) for these idea if I should keep them this way though...

Next up is the full skin release of The Sugar Garden's skin, Bunny! You may remember that she had already released it in fantasy tones, but now she has released the natural tones as well, yay!

Along with this skin, TSG has Loud Mouth appliers and a shape available (not shown)! Woot!

Sorry for not showing you all of the tones as I normally do, but I think i'd pass out again before I managed to take pics of them all, lol. I just wanted to make sure that everyones aware of their long-awaited release! Please go try the demos though!

Oh! One more thing!!! WEAR YOUR VIP GROUP TAG FOR STORE CREDIT! Yes, TSG now has a store credit and gifting system!

[TP TO: The Sugar Garden [X] ]

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

Hair: Eaters Coma
Shorts: Alterego @ The Azz Show
Horns: Noodles *previous gacha*
Collar: Wound

*dies* x.x


Lola Finzi said...

Innnu...where is your hip chain from lovelycakes? xxx