Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Review: u L u k i e Ghetto Booty

Review: u L u c k i e Ghetto Booty
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Hello peeps! I have a new mesh booty! <3

So, have you heard about u L u k i e's mesh butt, "Ghetto Booty?" It's rather new, and I spent the last couple days twerking testing it. I tested in various ways, and today, I felt that I was ready to present this new mesh butt to you all. 

Throughout this review, I will be comparing the Ghetto Booty to the Phat Azz [X] (made by Luck Inc.).I do NOT want any part of this review to be taken as me "bashing" the Phat Azz. The Phat Azz is an amazing product, but I would like to show you that the Ghetto Booty isn't a lame copy of it. Simply put, this review is made to help you pick your poison. ;)

Left to Right: Ghetto | Phat | Ghetto | Phat | [Larger View: [X] ]

What is a "Ghetto Booty?" It is a mesh butt + thighs + knees to enhance your avatar.

Wait... Butt/Thighs/Knees? What about the legs? Little to no legs! Unlike the phat azz, it does not take up your entire lower-half. It also comes with different leg "cuts" to expose more or less leg. There are 4 different "cuts".

Another mesh body part? Expensive! Well...I don't like mentioning prices, but the Ghetto Booty is a great penny saver if the Phat Azz is something you're just not willing to pay so much for.

Do I need to purchase new clothing appliers? How long will I have to wait until I can actually put clothes on the Ghetto Booty? Hmm. Well, of course it's not exactly the same system as Phat Azz, that's a given. Please request that your favorite designers make appliers!

But until then...The Ghetto booty comes with a notecard explaining how to turn Phat Azz appliers into Ghetto Booty appliers. It's fast and easy because the Ghetto Booty's script understands how to read Phat Azz appliers. It even knows if it's a skin/pants/undies layer!

What are some noticeable differences between Phat Azz and Ghetto Booty? 

What stuck me the most about the two butts is the fact that the Ghetto Booty has more of a "gravitational pull" to it. The Phat Azz is cute and perky, but I feel as if it isn't exactly realistic. The Ghetto Booty is still cute perky, just more realistically so.

Also, I feel as if the Ghetto Booty might have a rounder buttox, thicker thighs, and a bit more ass-meat than the Phat Azz. I'm trying to consider shapes and what-not, but...Above, both are practically the same shape, besides the changes required to make the butts' fit.

Body Modifications to make the butt fit? Just like the Phat Azz, you will have to change your shape to some degree, but I didn't have to change my shape as much for the Ghetto Booty.

What about my slink feet? Well, because your legs will be exposed (seeing as this butt doesn't take up your entire bottom half), there shouldn't be an issue with Slink products and/or any shoes that come up to knee-level. I'm wearing Slink HIGH feet in the above photos with no problem! 

Between the two, mesh butt do YOU like the most? Due to it containing a bit more realism, thicker thighs, and it allowing me the option to wear rigged knee-high shoes/boots again, I must say that currently I like the Ghetto Booty more. I think i'll like it TONS more if it catches on, and designers make appliers! Also, from what i've seen, this butt looks even more natural on thicker shapes.

Note for Designers: I do understand that it takes more time to create appliers for a new mesh butt. However, if you already create items for the Phat Azz, it should only take a few seconds per item for this butt!

[Go Try! Free Demo! u L u k i e [X] ]

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

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Sakura yosuke said...

Thanks for the info, this azz is gorgeus. I will ask for buldiers kit. Sexy Peach will be update!

Kyle Mathome said...

THis azz is too much to handle. My body was not ready for this xD love ya babe and keep up the awesome work

manuela slade said...

i have a question..i have a avulo skin and theres no phat azz applier inside...cant i use this new ghetto one now..or how can i get a skintone to put on the ghetto ass to match my own? ty

Anonymous said...

I do have one question and it might have been answered just not finding that 100% answer but can the Ghetto Booty work with Banned as I know the Banned works with Phat Azz appliers by doing a little trick can that same trick with done for Ghetto Botty?

Anonymous said...

Any idea why the Ghetto Booty has been discontinued?