Monday, February 24, 2014


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Hello peeps! A bit of newness! <3
Just a lil' newness for you all! I'll be rather busy this week, but here's something!

I made some horns recently, so feel free to check the creds for details on them! I love how they turned out!

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

Dinos: [geek.] Dinoriffic >gacha< *new* [Fantasy Gacha Carnival [X] ]

Skin: .The Sugar Garden. [X] Kotoko :: C tone
Hair + Neko Ears: [LCKY] [X] Drella *New*
Eyes: Store Closed. :(
Lipcolor: ROZENA/ Kiss Kiss ~ bubble gum
Facemarkings: .Oh!Liv. Facetattoo *Miqote*
Nails: L!KE [X] - Beyond the Galaxy [FINGERNAILS] >slink only< *New*

Create an OUTFIT:
Babydoll Lingerie: *katat0nik* (purple) Starry Babydoll >Tango/Azz Appliers Included< *New* [Collabor88 [X] ]
Stockings: .::Dark Midday Designs::.[X]  High MESH Ruffled Stockings *New*
Shoes: .::DarkMiddayDesigns::."Princess Pumps" >modded a bit<

Crown: Candy Mountain - . babu crown - black/rainbow .
Bow: .The Sugar Garden. [X] - Crowned Jewel Hairbow - Pink - Side
Collar: .The Sugar Garden. Good Kitty Collar - Ojou-sama >gacha, bow color modded<
Glasses: (TokiDoki) pink tortoise frame glasses
Eyepatch: Blah. [X] (My SweetPatch) Pink/Violet
Bear Chocolate: {Amai} [X] Kumaface. - Milk Chocolate
Watch: [geek.] Jay's Gamegeek -Pink- [Thrift Shop [X] ]
Bodychain: SB :: Orion Goddess Bodychain - Platinum
Garter: *MUKA* [X] - Garter Love - Right

Horns: {Amai} [X] Kanibaru Horns. - Inusweets Bubblegum
Tail: {Lemon Tea} / (Two Cats One Cup) Somali Neko Tail


Kyle Mathome said...

*gulp* W-wow this is so... Ugh! So cute, so sexy, so awwwwhs <3 YOu jammed packed this with all the girly awesomeness a guy cant help but to fall for. That chocolately Amai bear you nomming on right? I so want one :D