Friday, May 30, 2014



Hello cuties! Creepy-cuteness! <3

It's nice getting back into blogging! Though, I must say, I did enjoy the break. I saved some L, and spent time in RL with Kyle. But you know, i'm quite passionate about SL's vast array of fashion, so I did start to miss sharing my looks and finds with you all. <3

Please note that most of these "new" items came out earlier this month, so please hurry and grab event items before they move to their respective mainstores. <3

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

Skin: .The Sugar Garden. [X] Baby :: C tone
Hair: .ploom. Ponyo  *New*
Eyes: !Chop Shop! Universe in Your Eyes  *New* [World Goth Fair [X] ]

Create an OUTFIT:
Bodysuit: *Epic* Dripping Henley Bodysuit {Plum-Bubblegum} *New* [Boobies Butts & Beyond [X] ]
Corset: Violent Seduction - Bat Corset (Candy)  *New* [The Dark Style Fair [X] ]
Skirt: .The Sugar Garden. [X] Princess Tutu - Lav. Solid   *New*
Socks + Garter: PANTSU*HUNTER [X] pearls garter  *New*
Shoes: .The Sugar Garden. [X] Hime Peeptoe BabyPink >Slink High Feet<  *New*

Headband: .{yumyums}. [X] {Pinkie} EatMe Headband  *New*
Bow: +Spellbound+ [X] Adored Bow >Included w/ a hair<  *New*
Eyepatch: Blah. [X] (My SweetPatch) Pink/Violet
Necklace: {Witches&Rats} Croix Necklace - Pastel o2  *New*  [Coming Soon, Suicide Dollz [X] ]
Harness: +Spellbound+ Cult Harness // Small // White >tinted<  *New* [The Dark Style Fair [X] ]
Bracelet: Mad Echo [X] - Kawaii Bracelet  *New*

Body: Wowmeh [X
Horns: {Amai}  [X] Demon's Halo. Bare - Inusweets  *New*
Wings: .{yumyums}. Homemade Wings {Pink Lemonade} *New* [Fantasy Gacha Carnival [X] ]


Kyle Mathome said...

That drizzle though ;///w////; too much unngh with you