Saturday, May 03, 2014

WowMeh Review

WowMeh Review
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Hello peeps! I know you've been waiting for me to review this mesh body!! <3

So a whileeeee back, I had wanted to blog the WowMeh mesh body, but due to computer limitations, I was unable to do so without major glitches. But! I no longer have such a problem now, so onward!

As you may or may not have known, the WowMeh mesh body isn't a new product. It's been out for months actually, but only recently has it become fitted mesh.

This will be a full review of this product, so let's start with what is included in the box:

- Instructions
- Shape
- Alpha
- Body
- Hands
- Feet
- Hud
- A few clothings layers (in the hud)

Now i'm sure you have some questions, so....

"What is the WowMeh?" - It's a fitted mesh avatar body, made to be an improvement to the jaggy, misshapen system body we all love to hate.

"Fitted mesh?" - This means that it is rigged in a way that includes rigging-points like your breasts and ass.

"It's fitted mesh, so physics layers work?" Yes! Physics layers work on the breasts and ass, BUT you will have to provide your own. You can either make one, or find one on the marketplace.

"Do I have to mod my shape?" Wellll....this depends. Shape modding is NOT required, technically. I was able to happily slap on my usual shape with this, and it looked quite good. For personal reasons however, I did mod my shape.

"Which shape sliders DON'T work with this body?" - Hmm...Well, I didn't try each and every one, but i'm pretty sure all of them will have some sort of impact on the body!

"How much of my body does this cover up?" The mesh body starts from around mid-neck down to your ankles. Your head, half your neck, hands, and feet remain uncovered.

"I see the pack includes hands/feet, but I love Slink!" - Due to the body being fitted mesh, and Slink hands/feet being normally rigged, it was hard for WowMeh to get a perfect fit with Slink products. However, they have listened, and made the usage of Slink products easier, IF you're willing to mod your shape.

"Can my favorite stores make skin/clothing appliers?" - Yes! Your favorite stores can make appliers for this body, so ask them!

"Can I wear rigged mesh?" - As long as you mod your shape within the limitations of Standard Sizing, you should be fine for the most part! If you wish to go outside of that scope, then you may wish to stick to clothing appliers.

"You said I could wear most rigged mesh, but my body pokes through!" - Attach your hud; there is an alpha system in the hud which will allow you to make certain parts of your body transparent, much like an alpha system layer works.

"How big can I make my breasts/ass?" - Well, I am unsure how big you're looking for, but I took a few test-shots, so you can see the max results here: [X] and [X].

"Can I be chubby?" - You sure can! *rubs your belly* <3

"Do I have to pay for updates?" - Nope! Updates are free!

"I already own the WowMeh, but not the fitted mesh update." - Rez your update card in your old WowMeh pack, and you should be automatically sent an updated version!

"Any issues you know of?" - Well I did mention above the slight Slink issue, but...the WowMeh creator did try and make Slink products work as much as possible, so kudos to her. Also, the included hands/feet reallyyyy need an overhaul...I feel as if they will be, but i'm sure fitted mesh was a bigger priority.

Edit: I do NOT count this as an issue, but..if your body is black when you wear this, please make sure you enable hardware skinning in your graphics settings.

"I'm a blogger/designer, do I NEED this?" - Well...Last I checked, since this body has become fitted mesh, it's been best selling item on the marketplace. Please take this bit of info any way you like. ;) But keep in mind that because rigged mesh can be worn with it, so far I haven't seen very many good clothing appliers.

"WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS PRODUCT, REALLY?" - When you're done stabbing me with your sharp-ass avatar edges, i'll tell you. <3

Demo: [X]
Purchase: [X]

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

Skin: .The Sugar Garden. [X] Baby :: C tone - WowMeh Applier *New*

Hair: +Spellbound+ [X] Momo
Eyes: !Chop Shop! [X] Ulzzang

Undies: Comes with the WowMeh body

Hair Clips: [Love Soul] Hair Accessory*STARS-Neon*
Bracelets: .{yumyums}. [X] Way Girlie Bracelet {Nostalgic}


Anonymous said...

Hi, Inuoko.
is this wowmesh good with m3 head?

Tina Selensky said...

Yes I too, am interested to know if wowmeh is compatible with any of the mesh heads. I currently use the mesh body and head from another creator, but I have been wanting to wear my wowmeh mesh body, but havent yet, due to the mesh head question.
Can't wait to hear from you!