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UTILIZATOR Kemono Mesh Avatar Review

<UTILIZATOR> Kemono Mesh Avatar
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Hello peeps! Here is my review of <UTILIZATOR> Kemono Mesh Avatar! <3

Recently <UTILIZATOR> released a new avatar (head/body), and it seems to be all the rage right now!

It was love at first sight for me, so I knew I not only had to purchase it, but also gather some mods, and do a review!

In this post, expect to find: A lot of info about this avatar, what I like about it, and a few eye and skin-mod picks!

Oh, and these are all raw shots of the avatar. <3

As with all of my reviews, let's start with what is included in the "Kemono Avatar" box:

Kemono Head
Kemono Body
Huds x2
Bonus Box (Socks x2, Panties, Away Sign)
UV Maps/Templates
Update Card
Landmark to Mainstore

Okay, so I think I covered everything, haha. On to the questions!

<UTILIZATOR> Kemono Mesh Avatar
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"What is the Kemono Avatar?" - The Kemono is a furry avatar made by the super cool  <UTILIZATOR> store owner. This rigged mesh avatar is probably the first easy to customize furry avatar on the grid.

"How does this differ from <UTILIZATOR>'s M3 + Avatar 2.0 combination?" - Well for one, you get a cool set of ears and tail. The tail moves too, so cute! Haha. It's much like that said combination, but geared more towards the furry/hybrid crowd.

"Do I have to mod my shape?" I think so. I found it easier to use the included shape (copy/mod), and just mod it to my liking. However, depending on the shape you start with...who knows?

"Is the body fitted mesh? Do any of the sliders affect the body?" - No, sorry, it isn't fitted mesh. However, like many mesh avatars, a few sliders such as overall height, and length of limbs, do work.

<UTILIZATOR> Kemono Mesh Avatar
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"I want to wear my M3 head with the Kemono body/Kemono Head W/ Avatar 2.0 Body" - As long as you have a mod to match these parts (or make one), the heads and bodies are interchangeable if you have basic edit-mode mod skills.

"Can I wear my system avi's head?" - No. Don't think so.

"Rigged Mesh Hair?" If you modded your head for the M3, you mod it the same way. Just move your shape's head-size slider up to about 100 or so.

<UTILIZATOR> Kemono Mesh Avatar
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"Clothes?" - As you can see further above, this avatar does come with some basic items so that your avi isn't buck-naked. Some rigged mesh items will fit okay, some wont. One of the included huds allows for you to hide specific parts of the body much like an alpha layer would, in order to fit clothing better.

"Info on the included clothing?" - *Points up the the "included" portion of this post* I should mention that, if you click on the top, socks, or boots, they have different texture options. To change the color of the boot laces: Go into edit mode, and use "select face" to select the face of the laces (ty Aki-chan <3).

"What about <UTILIZATOR>'s Avatar 2.0 clothing? Do they fit?" - I'm not entirely sure, considering I don't own the 2.0 body. I'm horrible, I know! Sorry. From what I heard, it's not a very good fit, considering the different chest sizing. However, judging by this photo...some of it fits maybe? [X] *shrug*

<UTILIZATOR> Kemono Mesh Avatar
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"I have a buttload of M3 mods that I purchased, can I use them with the Kemono?" - Included (update if you don't have this) is a "M3 Applier Retro Loader", which will allow you to load in your purchased M3 mods, and will then allow you to apply them from said hud.

"Interesting new HUD features?" - I did mention 2 HUDs! One is for the head, the other for the body. The head hud is similar to the M3 HUD, but with new features such as eyebrow length/hide, eyelash style, and closing eyes individually. The body hud contains the clothing-alpha-system, hand posing, body-texture changing (with a few skins loaded for you! [X] ), tail movement options, leg options (animal or human), and PG/Adult bodypart-texture options.

"Do I have to pay for updates?" - Nope! Just rez your update card, included in the box! <3

"How do I get a replacement?" - Rez. Your. Update. Card. <3

"What do you like most about it, Inu?" - Much like the M3, I love how kawaii it is!! I love that content creators from amateurs to advanced, can mod the Kemono with ease. The fact that it has appliers are a BIG plus; you don't even have to load items into the HUD anymore!I love being able to pick up a few cute mods, put them together, and live out the anime-fantasy in SL. <3

"I'm a blogger/designer. Do I need this?" - Er...If you're heavily into anime, and your shop sells a lot of anime-esque items...and you sell/want to sell mods...yes? If you're a blogger, and blog for stores who make anime mods...Ugh. I think you get the picture. Furry or not, you're not safe if someone yells surprise and throws confetti.

[Purchase the Kemono [X] ]

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

Ploom: [X

1) Bunny
Mod: .:Ichigozeri:. Chiri Mod for Kemono (v2) [X]
Hair: .ploom. Faye
Tail: c( Two Cats One Cup ) Short Fuzzy Tail [X]
Eye Left: [ MELONopolis ]  Idle Eyes // ZOMG // Kemono [X]
Eye Right: [ MELONopolis ] Contract Eyes // ZOMG // Kenomo  [X]

2) Lamb
Mod: PANTSU*HUNTER moe kemono [X]
Hair: .ploom. Jacquie
Ears: ~*SugarFluff*~ Ikimono Ear Set Bagged [X]
Eyes:  .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:: {Hoshi vision~ pink} Kemono eyes [X]

3) Neko 
Mod: ~Under The Acorn Tree~ Kemono Halflings Monotone >Uses M3 Head< [X]
Hair: .ploom. Ponyo
Ears: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Black Neko Ears
Eyes: .:: POMF ::. M3 Head/Kemono Head - Sweet and Innocent Eyes [X]

4) Clothed Bunny
Mod: PANTSU*HUNTER sugar kemono [X
Hair: .ploom. Vinnie
Eyes: !FREE! -Summit Eyes- (Kemono/ M3 Anime head) [X]
Uniform: .The Sugar Garden. [X] Academy Uniform - White Cardigan

5) Fox
Mod: [TheBloop] Almost Fox [X]
Hair: .ploom. Shawna
Eyes: .:Candy Cutie:. Virus Natural eyes >M3 Head Eyes Converted< [No Longer Sold? [X] ]


Kyle Mathome said...

What's this? a cute little kemono? Awwhsss *-*

Zoey Helstein said...

Hello. Was wondering if you would be getting of the add-ons like the chubby love tummy and the anti grav boobs. Im having issues finding skirts or any type of bottom that works wiht it. even bottoms to work with the regular kemono shape. if you have suggestions for botht hat would be awesome. My bf loves curves so :/ I NEED HELP D:

Anonymous said...

absolutely gorgeous i am getting that avi myself
i can see you have got your hairs from ploom but what hairstyles look good on kemono? ;) thanks!

Zee Zee Laser-Rain said...

I haven't really been into the look of anthropomorphic animally avatars in SL for aesthetic reasons. These are actually super cute.