Monday, June 30, 2014

Maid Stellar.

Maid Stellar.
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Oh, look who's back!

Miss me? Good, I missed you all as well! I'm glad to be able to bring you new look!

I've been busy with my SL shop {Amai}, as well as with RL and Kyle. D: But I really need to check in with you guys more! <3

Let's see...Over the weekend, Kyle and I had a date! We had some jambalaya for lunch, went to the movies and saw How to Train Your Dragon 2 and then went back to my house for pizza! We had a lot of fun. <3

Welp! I have a pastel goth look for you today, enjoy the creds! <3

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

Fronts: Little Chances - Feeling it  *New*
Back: Bang! - Back Up

Skin: [okkbye] "Sunny" Puck PNK: Sunlit Blonde Brows [Sunshine Fair [X] ]  *New*
Moles: [okkbye] [X] Full Body Moles
Blush: [okkbye] Cosmetics - Blush [tintable]
Hair: +Spellbound+ [X] Bubsy   *New*
Eyes: Dead Apples - Phantom Eyes - Black Swan
Hand Oil: Clemmm - Oil Slick Hands
Face Scar: Little Chances - Battle Scars  *New*

Create an OUTFIT:
Shirt: Violent Seduction- Stellar System Shirt (Purple) [Kustom9 [X] ] *New*
Shorts: -Suicdial Unborn!- Nydale Shorts BLACK 3
Socks: PANTSU*HUNTER joestar stockings .coal. [Manga Fair [X] OPENS 7/1] *New*
Shoes: Blah. (My Creepy Doll - Platform Flats) Black [The Big Show [X] ]  *New*

Cat pet: {Amai} Chubby Neko. WalkMe - Grape  [Manga Fair [X] OPENS 7/1] *New*
Crown: {Amai} De-lighted Crown. - Onyx [Static]  [Manga Fair [X] OPENS 7/1] *New*
Headwings: Sweet Thing. - Dark Angel/Pastel Daydream Angel Minis [Manga Fair [X] OPENS 7/1]  *New*
Headdress: PANTSU*HUNTER imp maid .violet.  [Manga Fair [X] OPENS 7/1] *New*
Headphones: .random.Matter. - Miku Headphones - Purple [Manga Fair [X] OPENS 7/1]   *New*
Pins: .random.Matter. - MisaMisa - Anime Pack 1  [Manga Fair [X] OPENS 7/1]   *New*
Bag: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:.. {Moon~ lilac} bag   [Manga Fair [X] OPENS 7/1]  *New*
Eyepatch: .DirtyStories. Dolls Lace eyepatch black
Nose Chain: .random.Matter. - Sanza Nose Chain - Black
Necklace: .{yumyums}. Plastik Candy {Electrik} RARE [OMGacha [X] OPENS 7/1]  *New*
Bracelet: .{yumyums}. {heart & pearl} Way Girlie Bracelet {Grape} [OMGacha [X] OPENS 7/1]   *New*
Leg Wing: .The Sugar Garden. [X] Batty Wing - Black
Harness: Violent Seduction [X] - Floral Harness (Black)

Azz: ** Cute Azz Thicker Legs
Wings: Illusions - *~*Chibi Demon Wing Lft: Copy
Tail: .{yumyums}. [X] Frisky Succubus Tail {Ebony}


Kalel Mommsen said...

I was starting to worry a little bit... :P

Kobato Scarlet said...

Inokooo! Welcome back

Kyle Mathome said...

>w> wanted to keep her to myself ya see? Too cute to be letting her out for so long ya seeeee? ~ You look terrific <3

Anonymous said...