Thursday, October 09, 2014

Demon Kerli

Demon Kerli
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Hello peeps! <3

So this is my take on the amazing singer Kerli, demon style. At first I wanted to go for a "look alike", but then I thought..."Hmm...No fun for this demon!!" Lol. I swear, I used to be a MAJOR Kerli fan. Still am to some degree haha. 

Anywhos, the Mystic Realms Fair opens up tomorrow and lasts through the 26th of this month! I snagged a few items to show you a little preview! There are two sims worth of fantasy attire - clothes, accessories, skin, hair etc...for you to poke your head around while immersed in a wonderful fantasy scene on the beautifully decorated sims. 

Mystic Realms: [X

Bears: .{yumyum}. [X] War-Ready ilo

Skin: .The Sugar Garden. [X] Baby :: C tone
Hair: [RunAway] Kerli Hair [Mystic Realms] *New*

Create an OUTFIT:
Corset: :[Plastik]:- Kaelys Corset // Grane  [Mystic Realms] *New*
Skirt: Happy Undead - Mini Skirt
Shoes: Cult of Belgar - Black Platform Sneaker

Halo: [NI.JU] Oopy Goopy Halo . licorice (animated)  [Mystic Realms] *New*
Unicorn Headpiece: .PANIK. Magic Unicorn Reglisse - Black Metal
Face Jewel: .DirtyStories. Diamond Heart Jewel-Black
Eyepatch: -UtopiaH- My Ringed Leather EyePatch V2 [Candy]
Kneepads: .DirtyStories. Skeleton Knee Guards L

Horns: :[Plastik]:- Chrysophylax Horn // Duo  [Mystic Realms] *New*
Doll Key: .DirtyStories. Angel dolls Key - White (animated)  [Mystic Realms] *New*


Kyle Mathome said...

*-* i love these outfits you make. The army of masked bears. Dunno if i should be afraid or if i should poke em

Inuoko Shikami said...