Saturday, February 21, 2015

Genesis - Cute Monster Mesh Head - Tip!

Genesis - Cute Monster Mesh Head - Tip!
[Larger View: [X] ]

Hello lovies! Today I bring you a short but sweet post! I just wanted to give you a tip for wearing the Genesis mesh head. In the pack there are no appliers for omega or the commonly used mesh bodies, boo! Also, this works if you want to wear a TSG skin instead of the included skin. <3

So I thought...and thought...hmm...And realized it might match a TSG skin tone (at least to some degree). It matches TSG's D tone pretty well! You will probably need a choker or something to hide the neck a bit, but I think it matches pretty well! (Btw, as usual, this is a raw shot)

Take care everyone!

Oh btw, I got engaged to Kyle on Vday! My ring <3 [X]

Head + Tongue: Genesis_Head+Shadow and Bloody-Jeam Tears_Cute_Monster_1.0 [Showroom [X] ] *New*
Skin: The Sugar Garden [X] - Baby 2.0 - D Tone
Hair: [LCKY] [X] Sugar *New*
Eyes: Dead Apples - Phantom Eyes
Bloody Hand: Lovely Disarray / Quirky - Bloody Hands [Creepy Kawaii Fair [X] ] *New*

Create an Outfit:
Bra: Violent Seduction: [X] Moon Princess Bra
Bra Harness: .The Sugar Garden. [XHarness Bra - WhitexGold
Waist Harness: Violent Seduction  [X] - Siccus Harness White

Floral Headpiece: . Liquence . - Flower Crown
Eyeball Hairclips: . Quirky . - Little Death Dealer - Hair Clip [Creepy Kawaii Fair [X]*New*
Collar: Violent Seduction - Floral Collar (White) [Creepy Kawaii Fair [X] ] *New*
Cuffs: Violent Seduction - Floral Cuffs [X]  (White)
Eyeball Clips: Lovely Disarray / Quirky - Mesh  Eyeball Hair Clips [Creepy Kawaii Fair [X] ] *New*