Sunday, September 09, 2012

Rusty Anime Head Review/Magika Mod Tutorial

Rusty Anime Head Review/Magika Mod Tutorial

Yes! Another anime head! I've had it sitting in my inventory for a while, along with this poor dress/shoes set. I've had it in my head to show you this together, but I had to find the time to mod the head and well...when you can't find the time to do something, you should just make the time!

Before I begin, I  would like to point out that this lovely mesh dress and heel-less shoes are called "Puzzled", made by Kre-ations [X]. I couldn't wait to show you all this beautiful dress, but again, I really wanted to pair it with this anime head. <3

Rusty Anime Head Review/Magika Mod Tutorial

This anime head is by "<Tonic Takeover>", and is called "Rusty Anime Head Base" [X]. Until I see a good mesh anime head, I think this will be my favorite. <3

First off, lets go over the features:

Like most good anime heads, you get a moving mouth while typing.  I must say, when the mouth is moving it is quite adorable.  You also get blinking eyes, and different facial expressions. You can have one sort of eyes, one sort of eyebrows, and one sort of mouth, meaning there are many combinations to help you get your favorite anime expression. The textures are quick loading, great for RP and changing your facial expression quickly.These functions are in the included HUD, so it is very simple to try out everything.

Taking the use of the HUD a step further, you can change the skin tone of the head and the eye color. Given are 3 skin tones, and some basic anime eye colors (not natural colors). If this isn't enough, you can always add in your own custom textures.

In the pack (of significance), there's also a shape, an alpha that covers the entire head (I love it!), as well as instructions.

All in all, I really love this pretty avatar. I'm wearing it with my normal shape. I really like it because it's quick and simple, and the face is just so very sweet and high of quality. Let's not forget the quick-rezzing textures. Also, it isn't too hard to mod. As you can see, i'm wearing Magika hair...Keep reading if you wish to know more about modding~

While it isn't perfect (as you can see Inu's fivehead), this avatar doesn't do TOO bad of a job with Magika's "large" hair size, aka, the size made for anime heads/furries. It could be worse i'm sure. Depending on which shape you use with the avi, Magika's mesh hair may or may not fit,but with a little modding it should.

First, make a backup copy of the head, just in case something goes wrong. Next, you want to make sure that the included "HeadAlpha" layer is on. This alpha hides your ENTIRE avatar head. Cool, right? Now add on a magika mesh hair (of even a demo if you're not ready to buy) in size L. You'll see that the hair is attached to your avatar head, not your anime head. It's rigged mesh after all. Edit your shape, and bump head size all the way up to 100. Right before you eyes, the hair should rise from the depths of your skull and be somewhere where it should be. Now just go into edit mode, enter "stretch" mode, make sure "Stretch Both Sides" is checked, and adjust the head to fit inside the hair without poking through. There! :D

Stockings: (love) - thigh high stockings - mini hearts
Hair: Magika - Dare 
Nails: ...:::Scrub:::... - Puzzle Nails

Cat : +NK+ - neneko_Gacha ~01~ Siamese
Necklace: [MAGIC NOOK] - Sweetheart Necklace (Silver) 
Collar: :Hebenon Vial: - Clockwork Collar
Ears/Tail: Magika - Neko
Bracelet: Whippet & Buck - Simple Polished Cuff TEXTURE CHANGE
Ring: ohmarie - mesh heartring