Friday, December 07, 2012

Christmas Expo 2012|Breedables Galore!

*Waves* Hello peeps! The 2nd Annual Relay for Life Christmas Expo charity event has begun! This expo features many many many Christmas things, from clothes, to furniture, to breedables. The amount of breedable stores that gathered at the Expo is astounding!

Besides the breedables you know and love such as Ozimals, The Fennux, KittyCats, Amarettos, and Krafties, there are some new and/or lesser known breedables out there that I wish to talk about.

Today I will do a quick show and tell about 6 of some of the Breedables you can get/find out about at this year's Christmas Expo 2012! :D

Christmas Expo 2012 - Breedables Galore!

1) Dwarfins [X] -  When I first saw these, I was quiet surprised. I've never seen human-looking breedables at this size before. These new part-mesh-part-sculpt breedables are birthed from rocks (yes, rocks) and are born with the ability and equipment to complete different tasks such as fishing, mining, and gardening. Let's not forget that they're breedables, so they must also...*cough* I wonder how, lol.

2)  Gempandas [X] - These look pretty darn cute if you ask me. I even watched the preview video [X], which is pretty convincing as to how they may be a hit once they are fully released! Who wouldn't want a breedable that can climb onto your head? And a panda at that! What I find interesting about their system is that they can help you collect ingredients for potions, in which you can use to make spells and test your might in spell-casting tournaments. o.O Interesting indeed...

3)  Oceania [X] - Want to have your dream aquarium in Second Life? Or perhaps you're a mermaid; your home parcel is under the sea, and furry breedables would just be..slightly odd, to say the least. If so, why not give Oceania a try? These breedable sea creatures are making their debut at the Christmas Expo! I was lucky enough to snag a shark plush from the "Naughty or Nice" bag! \o/

Christmas Expo 2012 - Breedables Galore!

4) Pet Peddlers Fish [X] - These breedables aren't new to the grid; they've been around for a couple years it seems. They have a unique fish bait system, that allows you to use some fish as bait for predator fish.

5) PlantPets [X] - Ever wanted growing virtual plants? These plants simulate real plants, and grow over time. Here's a time lapsed video of orchids growing [X]. For those who love plants, wish to have a growing virtual garden, or just simply want a house plant that's realistic, I think this is the way to go. While you have to purchase them (like any breedable), these are unique because they do NOT require food. All they need is water, which is built into the plant's menu, and is free of charge. They even have seed babies (they are a breedable after all), which can be planted or given away/sold. If your plant is out and you forget to water it and it dies, you can simply reset it, no charge. Also, unlike most breedables, once you take it into your inventory it pauses so you don't loose your hard plant work if you get too busy to take care of it. I wish animal breedables were more carefree like these plants!

6) Strangelings [X] - You may have heard about these creatures, and if you have, you know that they are not breedables in SL, but a separate platform. In SL, while they LOOK like breedables, they're really avatars. I think they're pretty cool because you sorta turn yourself into a breedable of sorts..well, you LOOK like one anyway. You start off with a base avi, and you can buy additional parts like wings and tails to really look like a breedable. You can even recolor this mesh avi, so possibilities are endless!

 Well, theres your preview of some of the new/lesser known breedables in SL. Remember that some are making their debut at the Christmas Expo, while others have exclusives for sale. I highly suggest you check out the expo!

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