Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan
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Hello peeps! I have a quick post for you all today, and i'm not alone! <3 Oh look, a free outfit...>.>...<.<...

I can honestly say that i've never dont a group-post, but I can say that I had a lot of fun doing it! I have-heartedly asked if my friends that I was hanging out with yesterday would jump in on the post, but I really didn't believe they all would! We had tons of fun picking out poses, laughing, and  trolling one-another, lol. 

Today, I would like to quickly introduce you to some of my friends, and their blogs/Flickers!

From Left to Right:

Maxipoo Resident: She may not blog, but she posts super cute photos on her Flickr  [X]! Well worth following her, and squealing at the kawaiiness!

Inuoko Shikami: Me, silly! You're already on my blog! But hey, feel free to check out my Flickr [X] if you haven't already!

Kouralee Resident: Koura blogs! [X] Her style is very unique and diverse, and the quality of her photos always blow me away!

Fluffy Kitty:  This teal-princess has restarted-up her blog [[X]! It is a mix of high quality photos from both Second Life and FFXIV: ARR!

Sooo yes, this is a bit of a peek into my harem of ladies! They're all super cute, super fun, and I love them so much. <3

The reason why we decided to pose together would be because of the FREE rigged-mesh Corps outfit called, "3-D Maneuver Gear" that is new by Edelweiss [X]! It is cosplay for an anime/manga called, "Attack on Titan". The free version that we're all wearing is an amazing freebie, but one is also welcome to purchase the paid-version. The significance of the paid-version is the 3-D Maneuver Gear that allows your avatar to mimic the anime/manga series' fighting tactics.By the way, there is also a free male version included in the pack. This mesh is a "onesie", as it comes in 1 piece, and 1 size. This is NOT ideal for people who cannot go without large curves.

Koura said we look like we're fresh out of school/training, and I agree, haha.

Brief credits for MY look below~

- Inuoko Shikami & Friends \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

Skin: The Sugar Garden
Hair: Eep - hair 014 [Summerfest]
Eyepatch: May's Soul
Glasses: *katat0nik* Broken Glasses - Imaginative School Girl
Headphones: Remarkable Oblivion - Jetstream - Pink - Headphones (I helped pick the color for this!!!! Omg!! <3) [SL Fashion Week]


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