Tuesday, June 18, 2013



Hello peeps, today Inu's ready to do a bit of magic!

I'm sure you didn't expect to see me so soon! Well, I really wanted to show you a very beautiful corset, that I thought that I wouldn't be able to show you all if I didn't give it it's own mini post. 

Corset: Deviance - Eros Corset - Passion - This corset is just...My goodness! I've been following the creator's Flickr, patiently watching every little work-in-progress photo she posted, waiting..waiting...And, when it was finally released, and I tried the demo, my heart melted. The shape of this rigged mesh corset is beautiful, and the textures are a dream! I also love the fact that you can take off the "skirt" part of the corset, in case you don't like it, or wish to try and wear a skirt or something under it. I highly recommend that you go out an try a demo of this wonderful corset!

Eyes: .The Sugar Garden. [X] - Dark Skies - Dark Brown - O.M.G. I've always wanted eyes like these in SL! So badly!!! I'm VERY happy to have them now! You can have them too for FREE, by wearing your Pay2Join VIP group tag, and clicking the vendor in-store! :) Remember, TSG releases a cool new group gift each month, on the 17th! The gifts are always worth it!

Just a little "bonus" for you all! <3

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

Cosmetic Fair [X]
SL Fashion Week [X]
Summerfest [X]
The Arcade [X]

Poses: Little Bean - Boobies

Vanity/Seat/Nail Polish Right: .Olive. - the Pretty Normal Vanity - Pink *New* [SL Fashion Week]
Polish Left (Behind Dog): -tres blah- - Vanity - Nail Polishes >gatcha< [The Arcade]
Macaroons: Action - Macaron Gift Box >gives macaroons<
Dog Table:  ~silentsparrow~ - Corgi! - (Waffles) Flop  >gatcha< [The Arcade]
Dog Floor:  ~silentsparrow~  - Corgi! (Bacon)   >gatcha< [The Arcade]

Skin: .The Sugar Garden. [X] - Hope :: C tone
Hair: eep . - hair 014 - strawmato3 *New* [Summerfest]
Lipcolor: ROZENA/ - Juicy Tint ~ sweet heart *New* [Cosmetic Fair]
Facepaint: Lovely Disarray - I'm no Priest: Face Paint

Tattoo Neck: .Pekka. - Heart 2
Piercing Cheek: Plushberry ~ Spike cheek piercing ~ Black
Piercing Collarbone: Cute Poison - Atonement Piercings
Piercing Chest: Plushberry ~ SPIKED HEART Piercing ~(BLACK)/ Bright

Create an OUTFIT:
Pasties: :Bubblegum Treasure Trove: - Hearty Pasties - Black
Stockings: *League* - Side-Gartered Stockings -Black -Black Garter
Thong: .wound - Thong - Blk
Shoes: Slink - Leather Thigh Boots Average - Black

Collar: .wound - Ribbion Choker w/ Ring - Rlv
Bracelet Left: Noodles - Vinyl Wristband Black *Newish* [Summerfest]
Bracelet Right: Tabloid - Sea story leather cuff - Black *New* [Summerfest]

Spare PARTS:
Ears + Cords: *~*Illusions*~* - Brownie Ears + Wrapped Cords
Tail: Sinful Needs ~ Mesh Tail, Spaded, Bare
Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands (av) - Elegant
Nail Appliers: *MC* - Slink Avatar Emhancement Nail HUD - Lovely Solids Set
Hand Glitter: :*BABY Princess*: - Magical Glitter - Star sparkle
Breasts: Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts >Skin Applier: The Sugar Garden - Tone C for Tangos<
Whiskers: [ .:SOPHERIAN:. ] - Schatje Whiskers


athena obviate said...

love the boots! :o must have them!

Inuoko Shikami said...

Oooo you don't has! You must has!