Saturday, October 13, 2012

Guide to the Cinema Event!

Guide to the Cinema Event!

Hello peeps! Inuoko Shikami here, bringing you all the information (that I can think of) that you should know before stepping foot into the Cinema Event, as well as an SLURL for when it opens today (October 13, 2012)!

First, I should explain a little about what the Cinema event is. Cinema is a movie-themed event by Hottie Cooterati, whom you may remember from such events as "The Festival of Sin", and more recently, the monthly event "Zodiac." Cinema brings together some of the best stores across the grid under one beautifully designed mesh roof, with the theme of..movies!

Designers have been divided into different movie genres to immerse you in their vision of the movie, as well as to offer you exclusive goodies that pertain to their genre. Trust me, visiting Cinema will be something you won't forget!

Before you go to Cinema, my little guide should help you make the best of your shopping experience. Kick up your feet, and give this guide a read!

Guide to the Cinema Event!

2) In the entrance, check out the super cute movie listing board at the box office! It looks so legit, lol. It doesn't do anything, but it deserves a peek for being so creatively designed!

3)  In the middle of the lobby, there's an awesome concession stand, which gives out a folder of free snacks when you click the menu board! Feel free to wear a snack or two while you shop, or save them for souvenirs when you get home!

4) Like a real cinema, there are different movie showings in different rooms. Here, there are different sections which are labeled with their genre. These seconds categorize the content of the shops or "movies" that are available. Like naughty stuff? Check out the XXX section. Like Horror? Head over to the horror section. It's that simple! You may wish to go to your favorite genres first before you find yourself broke!

5)  Before you may enter the lobby or a genre section, a script counter will check your script usage, and not let you pass if it's too high. Please keep your script count under 50 to ensure that you may enter easily. Don't let that counter bully you; outsmart it by showing up prepared!

Yes, Cinema is a shopping venue, but it would also work for a roleplay i'm sure. It is a very nice mesh build, so have some fun with it!  Besides the XXX theater, Cinema is family friendly, and would make  great place for RP and photos!

Bonus Tips: 

*Before teleporting to Cinema, check your outfit!
- Mesh often disappears once you TP to a laggy area, and can possibly cause lag. You may wish to wear some clothes that use clothing layers. Also, it is best to avoid prim attachments as well.
- Accessories and some other items may contain resize scripts. Do you really need accessories? Check your wedding ring too, the more pricey ones usually have scripts.
- While most of us wish to keep our AO on, think about removing some extra HUDs like radars.
- No need to Gangnam Style at the movies. Remember to take off your dancers.

*Reduce some self-lag if you don't have a great computer!
- In preferences, turn some graphic settings down that you don't really need.
- Change your max amount of non-imposter avis to a lower number, preferably 1.
- Don't be too afraid to right click/derender people, even though i'm sure it causes some bumping into invisible people.

*Event Timespan: October 13, 2012 - October 31st, 2012  [Blog: X ]

That's all for now! I'll be bringing you more Cinema fun soon! <3

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

(SLURL will only work when doors are open! No set time, but midday SLT!)

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