Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Kyle!

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Kyle! <3

So, yesterday was Kyle's bday.  I told him I was just blogging a bed from Cinema. He's so cute, and gullible. xD This post is for you Kyle! <3

Kyle and I have been together almost two years now in RL. We met through some mutual friends, and began to hang out a lot, day after day. We quickly became best friends, BDSM partners, and then started dating after that.

Like any relationship, we've had a few downs, but honestly, not many. *knocks on wood* We laugh, we talk, we comfort one another, and we can share intimate moments just through our smiles.

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Kyle! <3

Yesterday, for his birthday, we spent time together in RL and SL. We tried out this bed by  
MudHoney, called "Priya", available at Cinema with our SL friends watching, lol.

First, I should mention that there are two types of this bed available: PG and Adult.

  • Texture Change Bed
  • Texture Change Curtains 
  • 45 Animations
  • Mesh, 23 PE 
  • Mod/Copy/No Trans 
  • No Poseballs 
  • Texture Change Bed
  • Texture Change Curtains
  • 77 Animations 
  • Mesh, 23 PE 
  • Mod/Copy/No Trans
  • No Poseballs 
This well made mesh bed is beautiful to look at, and a delight to use.  It has plenty animations for couples, friends, and even some singles. I think I might replace my current bed with this one! <3

Also available exclusively at Cinema is my cute top by Candydoll called, "Lacely Top" in Rose. This incredibly cute, smexy top is available in a range of cute colors, and have boobie appliers sold separately for those who want it. :)

One last thing! Coming to this round of The Boobies Show event will be some really cute nips in two sizes, large and small by BGTT, the person who makes all the cute boobie skins we know and love! I decided to try the small ones out. I wont post the photo here because it's a bit graphic, buuuuut here's a link to it on my Flickr [X].

Happy Belated Birthday, Kyle! Hope you had fun yesterday!

 Inuoko Shikami \o/


Skin: .The Sugar Garden. [X] - mei mei C tone
Eyes: "The Sugar Garden" ^ Spilled Milk - Dark Brown
Lip Matte: "The Sugar Garden" ^ Matte Pout: Wine
Hairbase: Truth Hairbase - fairyfloss
Hair: ::Exile:: - London Rain
Nail: Candy Nail - #P050 Pure Pink
Piercing: Cute Poison - Atonement Piercings

Create an OUTFIT:
Panties: -paper.doll- Daphne: Blush-Panties
Pearls: (Yummy) - Tiffany Pearls ( Long 1 Strand Set)
Boobies: Lolas! - Push-Up 2.5 *Skin Mod: BGTT - Lumiere @ TSG*
Shoes: [Decoy] Lea Pumps - Pink/Brown


Kyle Mathome said...

o///o t-thank you mistress <3