Monday, October 08, 2012

Shut Me Up!|I Am Me Campaign

Shut Me Up!|I am Me Campaign

Shut me up!? My cuteness speaks volumes, but my voice is louder!

Hey peeps! Have you heard about the "I Am Me" Campaign....?

The "I am Me" campaign, in short, was created because there are so many copiers in SL. These copiers forget that it's one's personality that defines them, not their skin/shape/hair.

You know that i'm very open on this blog. Outside of fashion, I share my SL, my RL, and things that interest me. My personality spills across my blog. One might copy my exact outfit via the credits I provide, one might try to eye-ball my shape and try to re-create it. No matter how much one "studies" my blog, no one can copy ME. My personality is incredibly strange, and unique. I can't be copied. <3

Just to show you how unique I am, as the campaign suggests we do,  I shall share as much as I can about my avatar. I want to expose as much as I can, to show that I am not afraid to share my favorite stores, of being copied. I can never truly be copied.

If you're not interested, please skip to the bottom of the post for credits.

Shape: I love kawaii shapes! I make mine from scratch, and slowly mod it again and again over time. My shape evovles probabllyyy..once a week or two? Haha! Not to mention that I usually make a new shape for new skins. I love my shape because not only does does she remind me of an anime character/kawaii Japanese girl, she reminds me! In RL I am literally dwarf-sized, standing at 4 foot 7, and skinny. >.<! So, I like to be closer to home in SL. :)

Skin: I have upgraded from skin/shape packs! LOL! My favorite skin store is The Sugar Garden, but I also very much enjoy JeSyLiLO, Mother Gooses, Pink Fuel, BCC, and Rozena. This isn't to say that I don't like other stores, buuuut i'm pretty skin picky so these are most of my favs. I love cute skins! Even though i'm American, when I go to anime clubs in RL i'm often attacked by rabid female anime fans that think i'm kawaii! >.<!!!

Eyes: My eye colors are usually dark brown, red, and fantasy/mystical. My eyes are dark brown in RL so I like them in SL too. I also like red eyes and fantasy eyes because I rp as a succubus. :P Where I get my eyes from is very random, but I have gotten many of my eyes from Candy Mountain. As of late, i've taken interest in Suicidal Unborn, and Dead Apples. :D I wear glasses in RL, yet i'm told I have pretty eyes/lashes...darn. Well, there's always SL!

Tattoo Layers: I love makeupppp! Though you may have noticed, besides lipglosses/blushes/eyeliner...I don't usually wear eyeshadow. Why? In RL I have eczema on my face; particularly on my eyebrows and eyelids. Applying eyeshadow on eczema is...well, not a very good idea, as it makes it worse. I guess the lack of RL eyeshadow has affected me in SL subconsciously. :/ In RL I do love lip glosses and stains, and in SL I very much love lipgloss! I get makeup from too many places to name. @.@...Currently I love The Sugar Garden's Madame Glosses. <3 As for tattoos...meh, depends on my look. I am very more inclined to wear a tattoo with an ero-cute outfit, not kawaii. Many of my tattoos come from Utopiah.

Style: Well that's easy..anime, Kawaii/cute and Ero-cute!!!! I may not always "dress" it, but I do love SL skins/hair/my shape to reflect the asian "hime" style often times. I like being very adorb, like a little trendy princess...or a princess of darkness! O.O...xD Yet! I sometimes throw on
my Lolas, and sport nice big boobies, aiming for an ero-cute look! ;) Even though I roleplay as a succubus, SL offers so many other cool things like neko parts, dragon parts, etc...I like to try different animal parts lol. I mean..i'm a succubus; shape-shifting comes naturally!

So this is me, exposing my SL style and outfit influences. But theres more to me than just this. Like I said, no one can copy my personality. I love to share my outfits, my fashion finds, but my personality is something that is, and always will be, mine and mine alone. <3

I also hope by sharing this, it will broaden the amount of stores you know of. You should check them out! Please support our designers the HONEST way. Don't copybot stuff people...I know, it sounds like i'm saying it as if everyone will really listen. But come's theft. People work hard on their creations. :(

Want to participate in this campaign? 

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Inuoko Shikami \o/

Skin: .The Sugar Garden. [X] - mei mei - C tone
Blush: .:villena:. - swirls(tintable)
Hair: Magika - Pretty
Eyes: -Suicidal Unborn! - Jelly Eyes Tricolor *Free Group Gift*
Nails: Candy Nail - #P047 Hana Pink R10

Create an OUTFIT: 
Shirt: *BOOM* - Twenty-Three Tee - bubblegum *New*
Skirt: *Epic* - Mesh Denim Mini Skirt {Leopard}-{Chocolate} *XYRoom, New*
Belt: Tee*fy - Vintage Foxy Tail Belt
Hair Acessory: *N* - KANZASHI CANDY#5 *Gatcha*
Cat: +NK+ - neneko_Gacha ~01~ Siamese *Gatcha*
Tiara: O.M.E.N - Tiara - Silver *Gatcha*
Eyepatch: Candy Mountain: . Patchy Patch - Sexy Leopard xD
Mouth Tape: Candy Mountain: . Lips That Talk - Lacey *RARE* *Gatcha* 
Necklace Milk: *katat0nik* - (pink) Strawberry Milk Necklace
Necklace Poop: Blah. - (My Emotional Poop Necklace) Sad/Long *Gatcha*
Necklace Heart: Maxi Gossamer - Necklace - Marrakech Heart - SILVER
Bracelets Donut: [NoRe!] - Donut Bracelets
Bracelet Beads: [EY:NO] - Color Beads Bracelet (pink) silver  *Gatcha*
Ring Stone: [EY:NO] - Dressed Stone Ring (Texturechange)
Ring Icecream: -UtopiaH- - Strawberry Ice Cream Ring
Ring Chocolate: Schadenfreude - Dark Chocolate Bonbon Topped Heart Ring

Ears: O.M.E.N - Kitsune Ears Pink1 *Scripted Position Changer*
Tails: O.M.E.N  -  Scripted Kitsune Tail - Pink1 - #1,2,3
Socks: RUT - Athletic Socks