Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Halloween Outfit Cost Me 1L

My Halloween Outfit Cost Me 1L

Hello peeps! Today Inuoko is wearing an outfit that will cost you a total of about...ehhhh...about 1L. Yep.  1L for an outfit. This stuff will be great to finish your Halloween look while spending close to nothing! :D
I've been leading up to this post for a while now to try and bring you a taste of some of all the cool Halloween gifts out there! :D

I wish to also say that I hope everyone's alright. I too am affected by Hurricane Sandy, and i'm not even sure how I got this post out on time. :S My power kept going out, and other stuff...Anyway, I hope you're all okay! Stay strong, call your loved ones and check on them! 

- Inuoko Shikami \o/ 

Halloween Gifts/Free 2 Join Group Gifts:
Hair: *Dura* - Group gift2 - Halloween 2012 >group gift, Male gift available<
Eyes: -Suicidal Unborn!- Warrior Vampire Eyes >Full Smexy Outfit Available<
Dress: *G-Field* - [Mesh] Classic Dress "Vivian" -Halloween- >Matching shoes available for  cheap<
Necklace: .::YoPulga::. - Halloween Cat Necklace >group gift<
Necklace: KOSH: PAVOUK NECKLACE >Male version included<
Bag: Tentacio - halloween bag
Shoes: SeVeredGarDeN - Pumps >Subcribo gift<

Halloween Dollarbies/Hunts:
Nails: [ S H O C K ] - Happy Halloween Nails >inworld/MP 1L<
Antlers: O.M.E.N - Antlers & Spiders - Autumn Branches >Hunt, Super easy. Check around sim for more free goodies< 

Other Credits:  
Skin: .The Sugar Garden. [X] - mei mei C tone 
Lipstick: "The Sugar Garden"- Matte Pout: Wine