Friday, March 22, 2013

Just One Last Time

Just One Last Time

Hey peeps! Today, Inu is...uhm...being her normal erm..self. With purple hair! :D
I think there usually comes a time when you wake up. When you're no longer able to accept the excuses; when they no longer makes sense. When there have been so many that they don't all fit in the back of your head anymore. When you can't just ignore something someone else saw long before you could get yourself to pay attention. When you are forced to pay attention to what is going on around you, you just tell yourself, "just one last time". Well, until you get to the point where you're at the end of the rope, and you just...can't, anymore. Maybe you even want to say "just one last time", but you just..can't. And then you know, it is time to let go.

On a happier note...sheep! I got this one and one in Mint, sooo I gave Kyle the mint, hee hee. He wore it with no complaints; just mentioned how "cute and manly" his green sheep was, lol. I love him. <3

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

Side View: !bang - Mini Series - Back Up
Closeup: [Cunty] - Cutie Boobie Poses
Full Body: Blah. [X] - Pochette Pose 1 *New* >3 Poses come with each purse<

Skin: .The Sugar Garden. - Hope - C tone
Hair: *Alice Project* - Delirium - Ultra Violet *New* [Twisted Hunt Gift. Freebie]
Eyebrows: Chus! - . tintable heart sticker eyebrows .
Eye: [okkbye] - Hypno Toad Eyes
Tears: [Miseria] - Cry - Double Right Wandering Tear
Nails: Mstyle - EDGE Nails - Violet
Lip Gloss: N/A

Bloody Nose: :: Axix :: - Bleeding Nose *New* [G.O.T.H Freebie]
Tattoo Hand: .:: Delusions ::. - Cross my Heart hand tattoo
Piercing Cheek: Plushberry ~ Spike cheek piercing ~ Black

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Tail: *Epic* - Curvy Succubus' Heart Tail {Bowie} *New* [Greneade Free Wednesday]

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Horns: .:Furry Bone Industries:. - Queen Of The Stripey Skullia Horn's - No chains *New* [Pay2Join Group Gift]
Breasts: Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts >Skin Applier: The Sugar Garden - Lumiere C<
Whiskers: [ .:SOPHERIAN:. ] - Schatje Whiskers


Anonymous said...

I can't find the horns from Fluffy Bone Industries. The marketplace link to the side doesn't seem to work. Can you check it again? Thanks.

Inuoko Shikami said...

Ohai! :) The horns are a Pay to Join group gift. I see it may have been difficult to read in the post because it was word-wrapped under it, haha. ^^'