Thursday, March 14, 2013

Skin Fair Preview: TSG - Hope

Skin Fair Preview: TSG - Hope

Hey peeps! Today, Inu is trying out soon to be released skin by TSG!  Please note that while I don't think this is "NSFW" because it is a skin review, i'm warning you that there are panties covering up the lower region, and the shirt shown above is worn. I tried to keep it SFW..for a skin review, lol. 

Skin Fair Preview: TSG - Hope

Isn't she just super pretty? I think this is the type of skin you can get many looks out of, depending on the shape. I tried it out first with my normal shape for TSG's Baby, buuut there were a few facial features I wasn't quite satisfied with, so I modded my face a bit. I may play around with it a bit more later, we'll see. :)

Before I begin, I should mention that i'm wearing my favorite freckles and blush, which of course do not come with the skin. Don't give me that look; it's just blush and freckles. I don't think it's a big deal. :P

The owner of TSG has laid out the newness in a very nice way, so I hope she doesn't mind me borrowing her words. <3

1.) 3 New tones (D, E & F)
2.) Updated Teeth! Features more realistic shading. [Shown above on tones F, X]
3.) New realistic vagina
4.) Less harsh body shading
5.) Toned down body highlights
6.) New "Toned" tummy Body style option. Soft Body style still available. [Soft Shown]
7.) 5 eyebrow options! No Brow, Red, Blonde, Black & Brown.

Each skin tone comes with bust or no bust option, teeth or no teeth option, 4 eyebrow colors (red, black, blonde, brown), one eyebrow-less option and a toned or soft tummy option.

As always Lolas tangos, Lush & Lolas 2.5 appliers will be sold for the newly added tones DEF as well as matching mesh hands and feet. These items will be sold at the mainstore when the fair begins!

Sooo now you see that I couldn't have said it better myself! Lol. I immediately ran for tone C with a brown brow, soft toned body, no teeth, no bust, of course. I always immediately know what I want when it comes to TSG, lol. I was quite pleased with what I saw when I rezzed, but as I said, I decided to make a few adjustments to my face.

"Inu, what do you like most about this skin?" - Hmm. Hard to say. I do love all the various options listed above. It's nice to be able to get "the look" you want out of skins. Yes it is one line of skins, but with all the options, it doesn't feel Also, as usual with TSG skins, this skin has a very cute mouth. I like the way the corners of the mouth curl upwards on my shape.

"Inu, what do you dislike about this skin?" - Hmmmm...I can't think of any dislikes. With all the options, what's not to like?

"Inu, what kinds of addons would you like to see for this skin?" - Considering hands, feet, and skin appliers for Lolas Prim, , Tangos, and Lush implants are all available/will be available...I hope to see some lip make-ups real soon. Buuuut i'm sure the owner of TSG is working on that already; she always makes super pretty makeups! Give her some time; i'm sure it wasn't easy making all this!

If you have any general questions or comments, feel free to leave them below, or IM me in-world. I think any serious questions should be directed towards the owner of TSG. <3

TP TO: Skin Fair [X] - FAIR OPENS TOMORROW 3/15! Will Update Blog With SLURL!

TP TO: The Sugar Garden [X] - Get Matching Hands/Feet/Implant Appliers. Appliers for new tones available tomorrow.

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

Hair: (Chemistry) HAIR - Bubbles - Blooms
Eyes: {S0NG} - :: Lollipop~ - Brown Eye

Piercing Cheek: Plushberry ~ Spike cheek piercing ~ Black
Piercing Collarbone - Cute Poison - Atonement Piercings
Piercing Hips: <-Puncture-> - Dermal Spike Implants (Hips)

Create an OUTFIT:
Top: .The Sugar Garden. - Scoop Neck Crop Top - Pink
Panties: .The Sugar Garden. - Panties - Baby Pink Cotton w/Bow
Shoes: *katat0nik* - (lt pink) LT Bowie Peep Toe Heel

Headband: .Mes Sucreries. [X] My Minnie Ears - Glitter Pinkie *Newish*
Headband: *G-Field* - Ribbon(Single) Headband *New* [Freebie Pack, Fashion For Life (FFL)]
Collar: c( Two Cats One Cup) [X] - Ink's Neko Collar of Doom
Bangles: [EY:NO] - Mess Bangles - silver
Ring Left: Noodles - Put a Ring On It - Silver [Whore Couture]
Ring Right Gold: Noodles - Delicate Heart Ring - Silver/Gold [Pay2Join Group Gift]
Ring Right Silver: Noodles - The Gentleman Ring Silver
Belly Chain: <-Puncture-> - Zodiac Belly Chain (Taurus)

Spare PARTZ:
Ears: Mutation Industries - cat person ears (tuffted)
Tail: {Lemon Tea} [X] - Somali Neko Tail
Hands: TSG - Lumiere C Mesh Hand >Nails: Long Nails - White French Tips<
Breasts: Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts >Skin Applier: TSG - Lumiere C<
Whiskers: [ .:SOPHERIAN:. ] - Schatje Whiskers