Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Dolls

Monday Dolls

Hello peeps! Just a couple things to show you!

I meant to have this as a quickie post last week but I got too tied up to even post it. Whoops. Well I had two choices for today; show you nothing because I was too busy over the weekend to come up with an outfit, OR dig out this quickie post. :P <3

My slight hesitation with this was a bit of an alpha glitch issue on the second look. I believe this to be a personal computer issue, and probably not on >all< computers. I suggest trying a demo to see if you have the same problem. I liked it enough to blog it anyway! So cute!

Sorry i've been so busy guyssss! That cold really didn't help. Dx...I'm feeling better now though! ^^

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

Uncredited Items: [X]

Blouse: Violent Seduction [X] - Lolita Blouse (Pink)
Skirt: Violent Seduction - S/M Versailles Underbust (Cream)

 [yulicie] [X] Dolly - 1