Friday, March 28, 2014


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Hello peeps! Rainbowness!
I'm still under the weather, sorry peeps! Here's a few items I wanted to show you this month but didn't get to. Light credits only, sorry!

I also hope the photos are not too bad, I recently switched to the latest Firestorm so i'm still adjusting. ^^'

- Inuoko Shikami @.@

Body: Infinity - Fluffy
Closeup: Glitterburps - Hands Up

Light Credits:
Skin: .The Sugar Garden. [X] - Baby :: C tone
Hair: [LCKY]  [X] Harime
Eyes: !Chop Shop! [X] Real Grape
Nails: {Witches&Rats} [X] Strawberries Love - Slink Hands Only [Strawberry Kube Hunt]

Dress: *Epic* Fancy 8-Bit Rainbow Dress {Baby.Pink} [ Lubbly Jubblies [X] ]
Socks: *Epic* [Slink] Thigh-High Toeless Socks! {Pink-Rainbow} [Big Boobie Show [X] ]
Boots: [geek.] Puddle-Hopper Boots -Pink Hearts-  [Irish Gatcha Fair [X] ]

Collar: [geek.] [X] Capped Collar  Pink
Necklace: *Epic* Kawaii Sweet Goo Necklace! {Bubblegum} [Irish Gatcha Fair [X] ]
Watch: *Epic* Kawaii Sweet Goo Watch! {Bubblegum} [Irish Gatcha Fair [X] ]
 Ring: .::C.C. Kre-ations::. {Rose~ pink} original mesh ring  [Irish Gatcha Fair [X] ]
Bracelets: .{yumyums}. [X] {pearl-heart-star} Way Girlie Bracelet {Nostalgic}
Cat: .::C.C. Kre-ations:.. {Nyanmon Army~ Momo}  [Irish Gatcha Fair [X] ]

Breasts: Lolas Tango Mirage
Legs/Ass: ** Cute Azz
Horns + Bows: [Pretty Liar] Horny Bows - Baby Doll RARE  [Irish Gatcha Fair [X] ]
Horns Large: {Amai} [X] Kanibaru Horns. - [GAME OVER] - Acro-Bat


Kyle Mathome said...

how are you so kawaii and so ecchi at the same time? <3 >//////~/////<