Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Arrow to the Knee

Arrow to the Knee

I was on my way to Grandma's house...until I took an arrow to the knee.

Sorry. I'm usually more humorous with "Arrow to the knee" jokes, but well..at least it fits this blog post. *shrug*

Arrow to the Knee

It's been a while since  Kyle and I took any pics together. I need to work on that, right? I'm sure you've missed him invading my pics and all. He's been busy working, and well..with his net? Getting him into pictures can be hard. Heck, even when he is on and i'm blogging, bad me forgets to invite him into my photos sometimes. :S *spanks self* But! I will try harder. Just like this post for example; he was at work, I logged him in and got the shots I wanted. \o/ Haha. He's probably reading this right now and blushing cause I snagged photos of us while he was away, lol.

Arrow to the Knee

I've heard "Little Red Riding Hood" told in many ways. There's so many different ways to tell a story.

Inu was...different. She had a cold, white, empty eye, the other covered up by a black eye-patch. She had soft, shoulder-length snow white hair. She didn't seem human. Because of this, she grew up being teased, tortured by the whispered comments, the stares, the glares. Never had she done anything to deserve such treatment.

One cold winter day, some of the village's livestock had been slaughtered and eaten overnight, with no explainable reason. The snow had concealed any footprints or evidence that could have explained what had occurred. The villagers were terribly upset, and full of rage. They had no one to blame for what happened, and together decided that it must have been Inu whom had killed the livestock.

That night in an angry mob, they stormed to Inu's small hut at the edge of the village. They banged on the door with their fists, and threw rocks at her windows. The angry villagers yelled for her to come out.

Inu knew that if she went out to face them, that she would have been stoned to death. She fixed her red hood over her head, and jumped out the back window into the cold night. She ran towards the forest, but before she could disappear into the shield of trees, an arrow stuck her in her knee. She cried out as the arrow pierced threw skin, bone. She fell slowly to the ground and blacked out.

When Inu awoken, she was very warm. She slowly opened her eyes, and saw the light of a fire in front of her. She looked around a bit, confused. She was in a small cave. She rubbed her eyes, and tried to think back about what happened. She remembered the slaughtered livestock, the angry villagers at her door, and the arrow that pierced her knee. Remembering the arrow had reactivated her pain sensors, and her leg began to ache; the pain was not as bad as one would think. She looked down at her knee; the arrow was still there, yet there was bandages around it, as well as some sort of herbs. Who helped her? Why was it was warm in this cave?

Her answers became clear when she looked behind her. She was propped up against a full-grown lycan, whom was asleep. She was startled at first, but did not run. She stared at the sleeping dark-grey lycan, and slowly reached her hand towards him. She lightly touched the soft fur his shoulder.

Upon being touched, the lycan opened his eyelids, revealing his eyes that matched the moon. His yellow eyes peered into her white, blank eyes. He softly licked her hand, and she smiled. She wasn't afraid of him. She knew he must of saved her, and even tried to help her injury. She relaxed into his soft, warm fur, and stared out of the cave, out into the darkness.

For the first time in her life, even with a stranger, a creature, she felt at ease.


I hope that wasn't tooo terrible...haha. I wrote it without too much thinking, so I guess I could have done a better job. Anyway, this post is long enough, so goodbye for now!

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

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