Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Treptower Park

Treptower Park
*Unedited/Raw Photo

Ohai...again today! :D Lol yus, back again today peeps!

This time, i'm here to share with you all a fun, wonderfully decorated sim!

You know, it's been a while since Inu has done any sim-exploring. Why not visit a place for blog pictures then, am I right? Upon visiting a sim to take  blog pictures, I didn't expect to find such a wonderful place. The sim is called, "Treptower Park". It's like a run-down (in an artistic way) mixture of the past, wrapped into one breathtakingly fun place to explore. I grabbed Naru and we went around trying out the different activities. We had tons of fun!

Treptower Park

Sorry folks, I don't wish to spoil everything about this wonderful place for everyone, so I wont share too many details, haha. But I can say for certain that this place is surely one to visit again...perhaps with Kyle, haha. He's been pretty busy lately, poor thing...I visited a few of the many areas, left a small linden donation there, took a landmark, and well..I will surely finish exploring when I get the chance!

Oh! And I met the owner of the sim, Squonk Levenque. He was very nice! Though I figured he must be a nice person, considering he has a wonderful sim for all SL residents to enjoy. ;)

Treptower Park

I would like to thank Ziki Questi for her awesome snapshot of Treptower Park; without it I wouldn't have even known about the place! Haha.  

Treptower Park

- Inuoko Shikami \o/


x Treptower Park SLURL [X]
x Ziki Questi's Photo [X]

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Ziki Questi said...

Hi Inuoko! Glad you enjoyed Trep ... that's a very cool place, and thanks for mentioning my photos. :)

Inuoko said...

Welcome! :) Glad to!