Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Smile...

I Smile...

I Smile...because you make me happy. <3

This post is dedicate to anyone who has a special person in their life; a significant other, a close family member, or friend, that can pull a geuiene smile out of you. The kind of smile that radiates light from your heart, and causes your body to glow from the inside out with its warming rays of happiness.

For me, this post goes out to Kyle. Kyle's the best thing in my life. He makes me smile like no one else can. <3

I Smile...

Fashion!!! Lol. I know, quick change of subect..sue me! Anyway, I absolute loveeee this dress by  Paperbag.! It's called "Tied & Dyed", and as you can see from the photo's surely been tied and dyed, haha. It's a cute mini dress, and while you may think from the front "oh, not very revealing...", the back is open, so some nice sun-rays..or fingers...can touch all of your back. ;)

 - Inuoko Shikami \o/

New Buys:
Dress: Paperbag. Tied & Dyed

Old Buys:
Skin: LAQ ~ Ebba - [Cocoa] - 05
Hair: [Shag] - Pussy Galore - bittersweet
Purse: (O&N) Studs Purse (Brown)
Bracelets: Izzie's - Wood Bangles
Nails: Mstyle Long Nails v2 - Brocade *Not Sure If Still For Sale*
Boots: [Gos] Curvaceous Boot - Black