Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Comfort Item

Comfort Item


I have an "ohai" gesture in sl, and i've been using it a lot lately, haha.

Anywhos, I have some things to report!!

First off, club GLITZ it now open!!! Hope you went to the opening party, cause it was a blast! Haha. If you did, you surely saw me on stage shaking it with my hawt unisex dances...loool! I had a blast with you all!

If you'd like to check out GLITZ, we're currently open daily, 12pm - 8pm slt. Also, we're still hiring DJs and dancers, so yeah. :P Here's a SLURL to GLITZ [X].

RL...Last Saturday, Kyle and I went out with our friends, running all over he city via bus it seemed, haha. We had a LOT of fun. Ya know, at first I wasn't really into it because I just wanted to spend more time in SL (and make this blog entry), but i'm very happy that we went. It had been a while since we've hung out with the gang, so it was really nice. I spent a lot of time cuddled up in Kyle's lap *giggle*. That's a day i'll GLADLY repeat.

Comfort Item

Inu tends to, occasionally, be caught with a comfort or "security" item. Normally some kind of plushie, like the one above. Well let me share a bit of my RL with you; even as I type this, my security item is in my lap. I wont tell you what it is though! Haha. But yes...it's been calming my nerves for...my entire life? Just about? Haha, well...I don't want Kyle to think that I need my comfort item more than I need him. He's far more important to me. Am I ready to part with it? Well, no..I don't see the "need" to do that, but if it came down to it, I would get rid of it in a heartbeat for him. I do appreciate his understanding of me having the item, and his support. He'll give the item a little cuddle sometimes, and apologizes to it and I when he sits on it by accident (isn't he sweet?). He'll even run to fetch it for me if i've left it behind in a different part of my house, or heck; carry it for me when I forget to pick it up sometimes. He's always looking out for me, and I really appreciate it. <3

With that said, I dedicate this entry to those of you with/know of people who may be a little too old for there comfort item yet love it nonetheless, and even those of you that just have a favorite sweater or a lucky sock you can't seem to part with. Sure, these things my be tattered, torn, dingy, and lacking much dollar value, but who cares? It's priceless to you. Some people may laugh at you, make jokes, or even force you into the hurtful game of keep-away *inserts a sniffle*, but at the end of the day...who cares what other people think? And, if they really love you for you, they will accept every little weird part of your very being. The moment you have to hide parts of you from those you love is the moment when love becomes false. Remember that.

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

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