Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Pink Geek

Pink Geek

Hello peeps! Today, Inu's fantasy-geek-chic!
Happy Tuesday everyone! Another day towards the end of the week! Yay! I have some kawaii goodies to show you all today! <3

Dress: [geek.] - Sunmer's Shadow - Pinky - Too. Much. Cute! I absolutely adore the new original mesh mini-dress by Geek. The shape of the dress is adorable, as well as the texturing! A cute selection of colors are available on discount @Perfect Wardrobe [X]

Eyeshadow: The Sugar Garden [X] - Doki Doki Eyeshadow Gacha - New eyeshadow gacha at TSG! As you've probably noticed, I'm not a huge fan of eyeshadow, but I'm telling you, these are VERY pretty! There are 10 commons, 3 rares, and 2 secrets! I decided to spoil one secret for you above, but the other you'll have to discover on your own!

Happy shopping!~

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

Acid Lily Gallery [X]
Fantasy Gatcha Carnival [X] 

Mes Bric a Bracs [X]
Perfect Wardrobe [X]
SL Fashion Week [X]
We <3 Role-Play [X]

Woodland Treasures Gatcha Event [X]

The Secret Hideout

Potion Bottle: Amala - Amala Potions - Rose's Repulser >gatcha< *New* [Acid Lily Gallery]

Skin: .The Sugar Garden. [X] - Kotoko :: C tone
Hair: TRUTH HAIR - Kimbra - Colours01Fade
Lipcolor: ROZENA/ Juicy Tint ~ coral pink
Eyes: !Chop Shop! - Kawaii Orange

PAINful Decor:
Knee Scrapes: -UtopiaH- - Painful Knees
Tattoo Neck: .Pekka. - Heart 2
Tattoo Arm: -UtopiaH- World of Candy >mesh<
Piercing Cheek: Plushberry ~ Spike cheek piercing ~ Black
Piercing Collarbone: Cute Poison - Atonement Piercings

Create an OUTFIT:
Panties: *Luck.inc* Naughty Pantie Bubble Gum (S)
Socks: *H+K*(babypink)thin border socks
Shoes: Blueberry - Knee High Sneaker Boots - Candy

Crown: ~ Kawaii ~ - Fantastic Rainbow Glitter Crown - RARE *New* [Woodland Gatcha]
Headband: :Sugar: [X] - Yummy Bites Headband {Strawberry Bow} >gatcha<
Eyepatch: Blah. [X] - (My SweetPatch) - Candyfloss *New* [Pay2Join VIP Group Gift]
Choker: Blah. - (My Cute Spiky Choker) Pink & Violet
Necklace Gold: .Olive. - the Mine! Zodiac Necklace - Taurus [Gold] >crumbled hud< *Newish* [SL
Fashion Week]
Necklace Unicorn: ~ Kawaii ~ Rainbow Unicorn Necklace - RARE *New* [Woodland Gatcha]
Necklace Drop: O.M.E.N - Drop Stone Necklace - Silver - Teal *New* [Mes Petite Coutures]
Bracelets: .{ Mes Petites Coutures }. [X] - cubstiq LOVE
Ring: .{ Mes Petites Coutures }. - Bouton Rings *New*
Staff: O.M.E.N - Mermaid Short Staff >Texture change hud incl.< *New* [We <3 Role-Play]

Spare PARTS:
Ears: *~*Illusions*~* - Brownie Ears + Cods
Horns Small: -UtopiaH- - Mesh Devilish Horns [in black]
Horns Large: ~Alchemy~ - Demon Horns - Ombre<3 *Newish* [We <3 Roleplay]
Wings: Deviance - Sidhe Wings - Rainbow >gatcha, flap only when in flymode< *New* [Fantasy Gatcha
Hand Sparkles: :*BABY Princess*: - Magical Glitter - Star sparkle
Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands (av) Elegant >Nails: MC - Lovely Solids<
Whiskers: [ .:SOPHERIAN:. ] Schatje Whiskers


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