Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Trap Ripped up the Gelf Ears :D

Trap Ripped up the Gelf Ears :D

Hello peeps, just a quick post for you all! Really fast!

Hello everyone! I had no plans to blog today until I saw the new release from Trap, and knew that I had to!

Ears: [][]Trap[][] / / [Gauze] - Ripped Ears - Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!!!!! *cough* Ahem. New ears by Trap! Woot! The Gelf ears were heavily modded and ripped! Ripped! There are two versions available, pierced (shown) and not-pierced (not shown). Both come with Huds for the ears; if you have the Gelf ears, then you know what the hud looks like, haha. The Piercings version comes with an extra setting for the feathers. The Piercing version was a collaboration with [Gauze], and  is supposed to have a voodoo/witchdoctor feel to them, which is pretty cool. I would very much like to see a >normal< piercing version of them though, much like the Gelf ears. *nonchalantly looks at the owner of [Ni.Ju]* Either way, these are some very awesome ears, and worth every penny (not that they cost too many pennies anyway). I did not purchase the plain version as I wanted to see if I liked the ears or not, but I like them enough as to where I will later on today! Definitely!

Note: I omitted frequently worn items and items from my last blog post form credits! Sorry! I don't want this post to tie up my whole day. >.<' <3

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

Pose: The Secret Hideout

Quick Credits:
Skin + Gloss: [Pink Fuel] [X] - Harley <Caramel> >Gloss: Sheer Gloss - Dolly Pink (Fatpack Only)<
Hair + Bows: eep . [X] - hair 012 . cyan
Eyes: !Chop Shop! - Livewire
Tattoo Chest: *Milk* - Spider's Catch >Tango Applier Incl.< *New* [Thrift Shop [X] ]
Shirt: *Milk* - My Little Metal Undershirt - BabyPink  >Tango Applier Incl.< *New* [Thrift Shop]
Glasses: *katat0nik* [X] - (green) Strawberry Glasses *New* [Pay2Join Group Gift]


Jessie said...

Hey there! Love your blog, I was wondering what teeth you use with the fangs and braces?