Monday, October 07, 2013

Quick Survey!!! Please Help!!

Survey!!! Quick!! Please Help!!

Hello peeps!!

So I am kinda stuck between two photo backgrounds or "photo studios", and I could really use some feedback because I just can't decide!

The survey is anon.!


I would like to also point out that I have decided on a new photo background/studio! Thanks SO MUCH to those of you that took my survey, I loved the feedback! The Candy Fair theme won technically, but it was a super close match. I came to the conclusion that people really liked the "Candy Fair theme's" floor, but the rest was a bit too bright. On my old usual layout, the background was too dark for some outfits. I decided to use the Candy Fair floor along with a dark grey background, opposed to black. I also kept the Candy Fair sparkles (for now), yay! Thanks again everyone! <3