Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Witches Like Candy Corn | Happeh Burfdae MWDS!

Witches Like Candy Corn | Happeh Burfdae MWDS!

Hello peeps! As of today, my blog is two years old!

Two whole years...wow...I can't believe that it's been this long already! I remember when I started this blog with a funny name...I didn't know what to expect to come from it. I've never been incredibly good with fashion, and I was very nearly a Photoshop nooblet. But now? I have some of the awesome, understanding sponsors, and really fun readers. Hearing from you all in-world is so amazing! To think a shy anime-fan like me could know so many people is just...wow! Thank you..all of you. <3

Yes, I know I sorta vanished on you all for a while..sorry. >.<'..Between feeling sick last week, to working on Kyle's surprise birthday party in real life, and taking care of RL business...Well, let's just say how amazed I was that I was still wearing the same outfit for such a lengthy period of time, lol. 

I simply felt like I was "burning it at both ends", you know? I think that's why I felt so horrible, physically. As much as I love to bring you all new outfits, I hope you can understand that it's hard to blog when one feels so sick. Sometimes, as hard as it can be to disappoint, I have to pull back from SL, relax, and give real life some attention. @.@

I've felt pretty good today though, so I decided that a post was long overdo! I have also pondered talking about items again like I used to..hmm..Let's give it a try!

>Favorite of the Day<
I think i'd have to say that my favorite is the hair. Not only is the style very cute, but I absolutely love the interesting color combination!

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

Acid Lily Gallery [X]
Cosmetic Fair [X]
Perfect Wardrobe [X]
The Azz Show [X]

Poses: Champloo [X] - Forever *New*
Candy Corn: +Half-Deer+ Spilled Candy Corn - Original - Trail *New* [Acid Lily]
Purse: .{yumyums}. Hard Candy Face Purse [Candy Corn] *New* [Acid Lily]
Plushie Bear: .{yumyums}. War-Ready ilo {Candy Corn} *New* [Acid Lily]

Skin: .The Sugar Garden. Bunny :: Vampy [Azz Show]
Hair: [Underscore] Chiara [X] - Smooth Colors
Eyes: Dead Apples - Phantom Eyes - Mute *New*
Nails: .The Sugar Garden. Slink Finger Nails - Glitter Loli *New* [Cosmetic Fair]
Lipcolor: .The Sugar Garden. Loud Mouth Makeup Applier - Sheer Lovely Chapstick -Light  *New* [Cosmetic Fair]
Eyeliner: Lovely Disarray [X] - Liner Set #1: Doll
Face Paint: Lovely Disarray - I'm no Priest: Face Paint

PAINful Decor:
Stitches: Bubblegum Treasure Trove [X] - FrankenStitches *New*
Piercing Arm: [geek.] Playing Operation -Pixa-Heart- CastleBlack *New* [Perfect Wardrobe]

Create an OUTFIT:
Bodysuit/Hat/Collar/Broom/Wings: alterego I wicked bitch *New* [Perfect Wardrobe]
Shoes: .The Sugar Garden. Lolita Platforms - *Spooky* Black *New* [Perfect Wardrobe]

Headband: :ForeverYoung: Batty Head Band (bubble gum) *New* [Perfect Wardrobe]
Necklace: Blah. (My Cute Vampaia Necklace) Pink *New* [Perfect Wardrobe]
Bracelet: ~ Kawaii ~ Halloween Pixel Bracelet - Witchy 2 RARE >gacha* *New* [Tricky Treats [X] ]
Cuff Webbed: .{yumyums}. - Wired Web {Onyx} RARE >gacha< *New* [Horrorfest [X] ]

Horns: *Epic* Sparkle Element Horns! {Baby Pink}-Spark- *New* [Perfect Wardrobe]
Mouth: .Loud Mouth. [X] - Brandee
Legs/Ass: *Luck.inc* Phat Azz
Breasts: Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
Tango Skin Blender: Bubblegum Treasure Trove - .The Sugar Garden. - Skin Underlayer for
prim breasts - Vampy *New* [The Azz Show]


PupPuppy said...

Awesome <3

Kyle Mathome said...

so very awesome *-*

Kyle Mathome said...

I remember when you first started your blog "Go for it!" I said ^^

Inuoko Shikami said...

@Kyle - You sure did! <3

@Pup Ty :D