Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dear Person I Love (Part 5)

Dear Person I Love Part 5

Hello everyone~

 Little Red Riding Hood..hmm..

Inuoko was on her way to Grandma's. In one hand she held her cute handbag, the other a paper bag full of yummy groceries for her grandmother. She happily skipped through the woods, behind her a big wolf followed. It was a long way to Grandma's, so she pulled out a picnic blanket and had a small snack. Inuoko kept the wolf on a leash, so he had no choice but to stop with her. "I told you to let me carry you; we would be there by now.", the wolf rolled his eyes and waited for his owner to finish her snack.

Poor Kyle..haha. Well, that's Inu's werewolf.

Dear Person I Love Part 5

I know, I know..you want the "Dear Person I Love", not a short story. Sorry, couldn't resist a little play on the overused fairytale. But come on; I look so safe! (Love you Kyle <3)

Okay Okay, lets do it..


Dear Person I Love,

December 23rd was our one year anniversary of dating. It doesn't feel like it. Remember when you up and kissed me on the lips so passionately for the first time? Your big warm hands holding me still; I couldn't have refused your kiss even if I wanted to, lol. The memory is quite fresh for me; down to the way your lips felt pressed against mine. I also remember the night I was sleepy and ready to go to bed...We were just IMing one another, and seemingly out of no where you asked me out. Honestly? I wasn't even sure if you were serious. I almost gave you the "nervous lol". But I loved you and to risk loosing that chance? I've asked guys out before, it didn't seem that hard to take the risk of going along the route of seriousness. Above looking foolish by missing a joke, I didn't want to hurt your feelings. I'm glad I took you seriously. The problem for me was, as you knew..I had a bf at the time. Sure it was Second Life romance, but it was serious nonetheless. But well..once you came along, I had a feeling that relationship wouldn't last; it had already been sliding downhill before you got there anyway. To think my world changed just a little before Christmas, not too far away from a new year.


Dear Person I Love Part 5

Well, there's about one more "Dear Person I Love" after this. Yes, it ends at 6. Comment below if you want more, i'll glad come up with more.

Well, it's latteeee...Gonna go now! Bye! :D

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

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