Monday, December 19, 2011

Prim Foxes and Lysie Aristocrat

Prim Foxes and Lysie Aristocrat

*Listens to Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites on repeat during this entry*

Oh, hello there! I didn't see you come in, due to awesomestep playing in my ears. ;)

I knowwww I haven't posted in a while! I'm so sorry, i've just been busy in Second Life. holiday season and all...

Haha, okay let's get down to business...

As you can see, the title of this entry isn't "Dear Person I Love".  Well I have some things I need to talk about this entry, but don't worry i'll get back to that.

 First off: Prim Foxes. If you've been to Collabor88, or read Harlow Heslop's blog, you should know about them. She recently blogged about the release oAnya Ohmai’s  fox scarf at Collabor88.

Some people are complaining that the fox scarf is a sign of animal abuse and such. Harlow thinks it's hogwash, but well...

Okay, I am totally against the fox scarf. I would never let Inuoko touch such a thing. As soon as I saw it at Collabor88 I was grossed out and  appalled. I thought about real life animal abuse and such. What did I do about iit? I walked away and continued my shopping. I did not make a fuss about it. Either you like it or you don't. Don't like it? Don't give the creator of the content your hard-earned linden. There are plenty of things in the world I don't like but you pick your battles. I wasn't going to send Ohmai an angry notecard; I had better things to do. So yes...while the scarf may be offensive to some, remember that no animals were really harmed, and in real life fox scarves are expensive so I don't see many people picking up the idea to go buy one cause they have one in Second Life. If you're that appalled, work on real life animal abuse intead of spending that time being angry in a game. There are Second Life animal charities if you search, so drop by and donate linden to them; time well spent.

[Harlow's entry about the Fox Scarf.

Prim Foxes and Lysie Aristocrat

Moving on~

 What happened to Lysie Aristocrat, my favorite Second Life bloggeress at the moment? A few days ago I was going through my usual RSS feeds (all Second Life fashion of course), and I  realized  most of the entries by Lysie (I hope she doesn't mind if I call her by her first name, I feel like I know her through her blog) had broken images. I clicked on one of the images and it told me her Flickr account had been deactivated or something to that effect. In denial, I checked out her actual blog...gone. Day. Officially. Ruined. I tried looking around for answers, but found none.

Shortly before this post, I checked my Flickr and found out that "Lysie Aristocrat" re-added me as a contact. I'm practically  ecstatic  now! :D

I doubt she will tell us EXACTLY why she deleted her Flickr and blog, but well..that's her business. She did comment this:

"… I went through really bad things… my old blog is gone and my flickr… but I’m here starting again but really happy… This is what I like to do and I will keep doing it no matter what…"

[Lysie's post about it.

So, i'm just happy she's back.  Your fans missed you Lysie! <3 

Prim Foxes and Lysie Aristocrat

Well, this was a long one...haha. Take care! <3

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

 Skin: d.Select Skin Kiddo PROMO "war painting" *Old Promo*
Shape: Own Custom Shape (Lolita Version)
Antlers: .{Rue}. Horn'd/Banneret: Hobgoblin (Moody Monday Excluive!) *Last Moody Monday*
Face Stars: [ni.Ju] Face Stars . rainbow (mouth) *Gatcha*
Ice Cube: .:*December*:. Ice Cube *gatcha*
Hair: >TRUTH< Blair 2 -  dark browns
Bow Necklace: Le Pink Bow necklace gift from Lacuna
Pearl Necklace: +SPICA+Black pearl necklace(long)
Top/Panties: Belote - Ice Queen  - MPW *Old Perfect Wardrobe*
Tail: Aura - Winterfell Faun (2011) - Snow - Tail
Bangles: Izzie's - *B* Wood Bangles b/w
Nails/Rings: Mstyle Perfect Hand - Long v1.2
Shoes: ::COOL BEANS:: Buckle Wedges - Black *Closed*
Bag: [PoPRocK] Twilight Bag *Made By ShiShi, ty mwah <3*

PS: I'm letting my fans see my in-world Christmas card before I even send it out! Haha.

Christmas Card!

EDIT: April 11, 2012 - Lysie Vanishes..Again. :( [X]


Lysie Aristocrat said...

Thank you so much for your concern...I'm really sorry about what happend... some things were out of my hands... im just trying to fix everything... and keep bloggin because this is what i love to do... Many hugs and kisses and thank for this lovely post... <333

Darkley Aeon said...

grow your own antlers didya?

Lourdes said...

I'm kinda disgusted that some tie dyed deer is without his antlers.

Inuoko said...

Lysie, you're an amazing blogtress! You are very welcome! <3

Inuoko said...

Darkly: Hahahaha! Online (Second Life, Roleplay, or whatever i'm doing character-wise) I am a Succubus, and like most Succubi I can also shapeshift. As for Second Life purposes? Got them at a Moody Monday sale for around 60L, such a steal! :D

Inuoko said...

Lourdes: LOL that's funny. Also that's an interesting take on things. But clearly I grew them, seeing as there is no headband. They come from my head, not stolen from some poor deer. Also I have a tail, and that would be even more awkwardly explained if I had "stolen" it. But clearly you disagree with me viewpoint. I see that you are a blogger as well, yet I checked your blog quickly and (unless I missed it) I don't see an entry about it. Perhaps you would like to do your on response? I would love to read your take on the fox situation. :)