Sunday, April 08, 2012

Lysie Aristocrat Vanished...Again!

Lysie Aristocrat Vanished...Again!

Hey peeps. I LOVE reading Lysie Arisocrat's blog. Who is she? She's the blogger of "Barbie Does SL".  But lately i've pulled back from reading others blogs, and focusing more on finding stuff on my own. Ya know, unique stuff or old stuff that people have sorta forgotten about...Such hunting is quite time consuming.

Well, I did find out something recently...Lysie quit blogging...again. I say "again" because she quit last December. Actually, I blogged about it [X]. Of course she came back after a while...She made a new blog and reactivated her Flickr. Anywhos, she's quit for a second time. She did a poofing-act again; that is to say, she vanished without a word. :/

Though this time, after being away for a little while...Well, today I checked her SL profile and apparently yesterday she did post a goodbye:

Hello my friends... Thank you so much for all the messages you left me... I'm sorry about the way I left ... I was very angry and sad about so many things, including some RL issues, and I was really tired ... I'm taking a break, a big break, that
I feel I deserve. I will start working to come back soon...I miss you and I have you all in my heart... Please forget my emo moments and my crazyness... kisses to all... and I'm sure I will see you all soon <3333 Many hugsss <3333

Lysie...we're gonna miss you hun. I hope you come back soon! Mwahhh!

Lysie Aristocrat Vanished...Again!

Well, before I go...I'd just like to tell everyone: Happy Easter!!! \o/

Lysie Aristocrat Vanished...Again!

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

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Tail: Material Squirrel - 3 Pronged Devil's Tail - Black

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