Saturday, April 14, 2012

Drop out of High School, Become a Pokemon Trainer

*Pose Fair & Kawaii Fair Info Below*

Drop out of High School, Become a Pokemon Trainer

Ohai! You should have guessed by now that i'm a fan of Anime. Well, while I was at Pose Fair, I found a pack of super awesome Pokemon Pokeball poses. They even include the handheld pokeball, woot! <3

So now you're like "bad photography Inu; there isn't any grass behind the scene, it's like you're standing in a patch of grass." Welllllll if you've played Pokemon on Gameboy Color like I did (rofl) you should be aware that wild pokemon in outside areas (as in not IN caves etc) were found in patches of grass. *shrug* Sorry...Used to be a Pokenerd. :P

Drop out of High School, Become a Pokemon Trainer

 Isn't Inu cuteeee!? Lol. She's wearing a couple items from various places..2 can be found at Kawaii Fair. \o/

Drop out of High School, Become a Pokemon Trainer


Event Bulletins:

Event Name: Pose Fair 2012
Organized By: Katey Coppola
Starts: Sunday, April 15th @ 12pm SLT
Blog: [X]
Description: Your favorite pose makers coming together in one place. Exclusive poses, and gifts!

Pose Fair North [X] - This sim is for PG content, and includes the section for family/kids poses.
Pose Fair South [X] - This sim is for more mature content, and may feature nudity or sexytimes.
*Feel free to bookmark this page for tomorrow, when Pose Fair Opens!*

Event Name: Kawaii Fair
Organized By: Chandelle Resident, Cindy Oysternatz, Shannon Edwyn
Time Span: April 14-28
Blog: [X]

Description (Made by me): Kawaii Fair is an event for everything that is kawaii. Kawaii is a Japanese word that is translated into "cute", but in the Japanese culture, it has a sub-culture all of its own. Things that are considered to be kawaii are cutesy, adorable items, even if they hold a hint of darkness. Lolitas are considered to be one of the easiest examples of the kawaii-style.

 Kawaii Fair Sneak Peek: [X]

[TP: Kawaii Fair<-- It's open \o/

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

Love Me Brutal - Pokemon Trainer *Hand Pokeball included, Found at Pose Fair*

Skin: ::Modish:: CupidSis Pale *Kawaii Fair*
Hair: ::Exile:: Dandy:Vanilla *The Dressing Room Blue*
Nails: ABS Sculpt nail heart stick black *Kawaii Fair*
Tattoo: Endless Pain Tattoos - Kawaii 3 *Kawaii Fair*
Eyeliner: .:A&M:. Black Eyeliner - Asia

Shirt: Barn Owl - Quiet Little Voices
Pants: Spirit Store - Jaxi rigged mesh jeans
Gloves: Izzie's - Leather Gloves red
Yakasha Yalin - Pokeball in Mouth *Part of the Pikachu outfit, Marketplace*
Bracelet: [DDL] Uprising Bracelet (Black)
Bracelet: [DDL] Uprising Bracelet (White)
Ring: [Crash Republic] Crystal Bow Ring *Kawaii Fair*
Shoes: N-core ULTRAPLATFORM "Noir Intense"


Liliandra Baxter said...

*wiggles her pikatail and beams with happiness*

Inuoko said...

Awwwh so cuteee! <3