Friday, April 20, 2012

Cats From Pluto|Fantasy Faire Peek

 *Alien cat, maybe NSFW, view at your discretion*  

Cats From Pluto|Fantasy Faire Peek

I know, they say Pluto isn't a planet. That's okay. Something can still be "from it"...I guess? I dunno, i've always liked Pluto...

Anyway, here is another Fantasy Faire Peek! These alien-cat avatars are called "unreal_avatar-CAT?", and are by "KIKI no.18".

These cute, colorful kitties are quite special! First off, you can wear your system clothes with them (yay \o/). Secondly, they come with quite a few different options such as: claws or no claws, normal ears or injured, a few hairstyles and some tail positions/tail twitch option. \o/

Cats From Pluto|Fantasy Faire Peek

On top of all that goodness, it comes with a HUD to change facial expressions. You can change the mouth, add a blush, open/close eyes, and move the ears. :D

 I should also point out that the whiskers are optional, as well as the tail and paws (Pretty much everything is "optional", but those are parts that one is more likely to inter-change).

The Green avatar will be placed in a Fantasy Faire Relay For Life vendor. This vendor will donate 100% of the profits to charity to help in the fight against cancer. The other colors will not be placed in a charity vendor.

Fantasy Faire will open: Saturday, April 21st at 12:01pm SLT
Fantasy Faire wil end:    Sunday, April 29th

- Inuoko Shikami \o/