Wednesday, April 04, 2012

World Culture's Easter Hunt

World Culture's Easter Hunt


First off, i'd like to point out that I visited the "Where it Begins [X]" sim today! Harlow Heslop suggested it [X], sooo I figured i'd take a looksy. It's a very pretty sim! It has little shops and a cafe under a town-like setting. :) I took today's blog shots at the cafe.

In other news, have you heard about the World Culture's Easter Hunt [X]? You hunt for Easter eggs, priced at 1L each. They'res some pretty cool hunt gifts, so it's well worth looking into. For additional information about the hunt, please visit my crappy hotel [X]. I've placed a copy of the official sign in the lobby at the landing point. To reach the same sign, you can also visit any of the participating stores on the hunt's official blog [X].

World Culture's Easter Hunt

Like my outfit? My skin and sweater are from the hunt! Yes, a cute skin and sweater for 1L each!! Woot! The hunt has PLENTY of great items, from some of your favoriteee stores like Chandelle, EY:NO, Virtual Insanity, Sakide, and many more!

Event: Word Culture's Easter Hunt
By: Chandelle Resident, Laise Hema
Time Span: April 5th to April 20st.
Hunt Object: Easter Egg
Cost: 1L per item

[Starting Point]

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

Skin: - CHANDELLE - Skin Emie rabbit /Pale *1L, WCEHunt*
Hair: >TRUTH< - Maggie - java
Nails: [croire] - vixen nails (fire) *Old Gatcha*
Tattoo: [Yulicie] - Let It Be Tattoo
Ears: *Cobrahive* Bunny Set

Earrings: .::CENSORED::. - Carrot Earrings *1L, WCEHunt*
Choker: Cobrahive - Nemi [F] (spikes)
Ring: ::: Le Primitif::: - Ribbon Ring (Silver)
Ring: PIDIDDLE - Love Sick Ring *Fashionably Late Event*
Bracelet: [EY:NO] - Color Beads Bracelet (multi) gold *Gatcha*
Mouthie: [EY:NO] - Sunflower Subscribe Gift *Free, Group Gift*
Shirt: ::: Le Primitif::: Easter Knit Pullover *Mesh, 1L, WCEHunt*
Skirt: Spirit Store - Apista skirt
Leggings: {Art Decade} - Leggings - Latte
Shoes: [.XIV] - Anna's Flats in Black