Monday, April 09, 2012

Missing Something?

*Please note that this entry contains solid (non-transparent) lingerie. View at your discretion.*

Missing Something?

*Nibbles on Pocky* Ever felt like you were...missing something? Haha! Poor Inu, she must have been in too big of hurry!

Missing Something?

Speaking of "missing stuff"...Inu, like most SL fashionistas and bloggers, has a large inventory. Some good things, some crap...Hell, a lot of crap. I've been in SL with the same main account for over 5 years; a lot of crap accumulates over such a time span. Much like RL, cleaning isn't on our favorites list, haha. But well, yesterday I decided to start the cleanup process. Trust me...never again will I be lazy about inventory cleaning! This is just too much!!! Ugh. Well, the good news? I'm finding stuff I forgot I had! :D It's like Christmas, rofl. Well, i'm not the type who will put every item in an organized folder and what-not, but it doesnt mean that I can't go and delete stuff I no longer need. Old landmarks, notecards, clothes? Yeahhh....Not needed. I'm taking the wide-end of a comb to my inventory, hee hee. Hey, better than nothing.

Need some help taming your inventory? Rather if you want some tips on a quick cleanup or a very organized inventory, this tutorial by Harlow Heslop is sure to help [X].

Missing Something?

Lastly, the location of these images...This place is sooo beautiful! I found it thanks to Morgana Nagorski. You can view her beautiful photo of the place as well as find a SLURL here [X]

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

Skin: ROZENA ~Ulli(milk)~ clean
Hair: >TRUTH< Bunny - fairyfloss *New, free group gift*
Horns: *barberyumyum*little devil ----- horn
Hands: [ni.Ju] claw gloves
Tattoo: Vestigium - Riper Unisex Tattoo *Lucky Board*
Makeup: (Ag) bitten lipstain- Shocking pink
Makeup: (Ag) Cosmetics- Fab & Flashy Shadow
Makeup: Vestigium - Eye-Liner Black
Makeup: .:Acid & Mala:. Lipbalm - Soft Gloss *The Black Market [X]*

Sweater: ISON - kimono sleeve cardigan (black) *Mesh*
Bra: *BOOM* Marin Ray brassiere (coquille) *Collabor88*
Panties: *BOOM* Marin Ray culotte (coquille) *Collabor88*
Stockings: (love) thigh high stockings - mini hearts
Glasses: (Yummy) Karina Glasses - Black *Mesh, Collabor88*
Necklace: Spica - Black pearl necklace(long)+silver
Bracelet: [DDL] Uprising Bracelet (Black)
Bracelet: [DDL] Uprising Bracelet (White)
Bracelet: [EY:NO] Color Beads Bracelet (pink) silver
Ring: [EY:NO] Dressed Stone Ring *color-change*
Ring: PIDIDDLE - Love Sick Ring
Purse: tulip. Legends Never Die - Dark *Mesh*
Shoes: NX-Nardcotix Chloe Pump Black