Monday, April 02, 2012

Eskimo Kisses from Butterflies

Eskimo Kisses from Butterflies

I'm sexy, and I know it! Rofl...Sorry. Here's a little personal info: I've never been a big fan of kissing. Kyle knows this one quite well. As much as I love him, I don't like anyone or anything that close to my personal space. Though I dunno, I don't mind a forehead kiss or an Eskimo kiss. Kyle's found his work-arounds. This isn't to say that we don't kiss on the lips ever, buuuut limited. Maybe once a day or so. I don't like him getting kiss greedy. Well, I look at it this way: When I DO kiss him, it's very special for him because it's not an every day thing. ;P

Eskimo Kisses from Butterflies

Like this hoodie? I'm sure you've been ones like it. They're by Epic. This one was made for April's Black Market [X] event! Kawaii, right?

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

Skin: *JeSyLiLO* - D.R.Blue*:::Maryam:::*LightSkin ( with Teeth ) *New, Dressing Room Blue*
Hair: .ploom. - Jinx (streaked) - Pinks & Purples
Makeup: (Ag) Cosmetics - Fab & Flashy Shadow
Nails: Mandala - Long nails

Butterfly: *Epic* Animated Perched Sparkle Flutterfly! {Nose}-[Brite Glo] *Gatcha*
Hoodie: *Epic* Mesh Kawaii Bunneh Hoodie! {Easter Pink} *New, Black Market [X]*
Pants: :STICKY FINGERS: My pink cropped sweatpants
Ring: :::Le Primitif::: - Ribbon Ring (Silver)
Shoes: ::Duh!:: - April in Paris Ballet Flat