Monday, December 05, 2011

In Our Own World Together

In Our Own World Together

Hello everyone~

I haven't posted anything in a while and I don't want you to think I gave up on this blog or something. That's soooo not the case. I'm actually working on moving this bloggy forward even more, so stay tuned. ;)

In Our Own World Together

I would like to start off by introducing this furry feline to you all; the cat in a hat (pun)! This girl's name is Oreo, cause well..she kinda reminded me of a cookie. :) She's a breedable by KittyCatS, yet I have breeding turned off cause I have no intention of breeding Slnamals (haha) anymore. I breed Ozimal bunnies when everyone else was doing it, but I am sooo done with them. I have some cats around the front of the hotel to look cute. Seeing as winter's coming, I figured the youngest would have a hat. :)

In Our Own World Together

Well, I put together a winter cabin for my tenants/passerbys at my hotel in Second Life. You see..the hotel is on a beach with tropical palm trees so I refused to set up a big winter scene in my tropical paradise. No way! Instead, in the back of the hotel, I set up a little Christmas cabin for everyone to enjoy! :D Plenty of items for people to click and get free food, some cozy sitting places in front of a fire (perfect for a partner or group of friends), and even a Sorry! game upstairs in th loft thats playable! :D Come check it out; don't know how long after Christmas it will remain~

In Our Own World Together

 "In our own world together"...Hmm...Well, Kyle and I are doing great. :) I don't feel like it's Kyle and I against the world or anything, but sometimes I do feel like we connect on such a level that exceeds humanly bounderies. I never imagined guys like him ever existed. I love you Kyle <3

 Skin: Laq - Imani2 - 08 [Cocoa] Glow Skin (hairbase)
Shape: Own Custom Shape (Short Version)
Hair: ::Exile:: Ashlyn: Dark Browns
Small Earrins: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Piercing :: UTOPIA :: Star
Necklace: ~Pepper~ Brass Knuckle Necklace
Shirt: ~ By Eve ~ Laced Cropped Hoodie - Black *marketplace*
Waist Tattoo: *HolliPocket*You know what it is...Tat *Old Grenade Free Weekend*
Belt: ~Pepper~ Brass Knuckle Belt - BLACK
Pants: BRUTAL ~ Black Jeans X 2 - UK-USA
Nails: Mstyle Perfect Hand - Long
Shoes: [e] Secret Boots - Black


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