Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dreams|Skin Showcase Event

Dreams|Skin Showcase Event

Dreams. I read somewhere a while ago that, when one dreams, every person they see is someone that they've seen while awake. If this is true, then even when we think that "our mind made the person up" isn't entirely true. Perhaps our mind made up the way they dressed, talked, behaviorisms...but we've seen them somewhere before at one point and time. It's probably why it's so easy to dream about friends or family, even if their behavior may be obscured. What about the "made up" people they we swear we don't know? I'd like to assume they're just strangers we've met on the street or someone from a television program; people whom we have seen before but not long enough or paid attention to long enough to actually recognize them.

This brings me to a hypothesis: If we've seen everyone in our dreams before yet some people appear to be completely unknown to us, could some of these "unknowns" be people we've met in previous lives? Puzzling.

Dreams|Skin Showcase Event

 Soooo...have you been to Skin Showcase [X] yet? It's where I picked up this skin from The Sugar Garden called "Catwoman" that I JUST ADOREE!! <3 I mean really, look at me; not one animal/demon/weirdo thing was added to this look; I enjoyed the skin too much to add such extras. O.O!!

Event Name: Skin Showcase
Organized By: Skin Addictions [Group Link X, free to join] (Voshie Paine)
Duration: May 25th-June10th
Description:  The Skin Showcase event, is a special and new type of event for designers to showcase exclusive skins that they feel best represent their brand.  Set in a park like setting with trails leading people to explore and discover perhaps new to them brands while also grabbing new skins from some of their favorite brands.

Also gifts will be available to members of the Skin Addiction group, which has open enrollment. Just need to wear the Skin Addiction group tag to receive them.

TP: Skin Showcase [X]

 I would like to also mention my pretty mesh dress! It's called "It is Outrageous", and comes in a few different unique and completely fab prints, so feel free to head over to [F]uchOn [X] to check them out! (Oh and they have some lucky boards there, they recently put some new stuff on them ;) )

- Inuoko Shikami \o/

*And a special thanks to my sissy/wifey Fluffy Kitty who unknowingly allowed me to take photos in her beautiful home. <3 *kisses*

Body Shop (Body): 
Hair: ::Exile:: Secret Summer:Swiss *The Attic Event*
Nails: * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Black & White Nails 
Eyeliner: .:Acid & Mala:. - Black Eyeliner - Feline 

Create A SLer (Outfit):
 Earrings: FZaPP - Earrings GIFT Fashion (SUBSCRIBER) black/silver *subcribo gift*
Ring: ..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Sultan Ring Silver
Bracelets: [DDL] - Uprising Bracelet (Black)/(White)
Bracelets: [EY:NO] - Mess Bangles silver
Shoes: - CHANDELLE - - Shoe Cind. Mesh Black  [X]